Little Sparkles

We’ve had a lovely week for the last full week of the holidays, a play date on Monday and then a road trip to Grandma and Granfer’s new house in Weston Super Mare. I have happy memories of Weston from childhood, we would often go there on a Sunday evening for a walk on the pier and hot doughnuts, so it’s nice to know that the children will get similar memories now that their grandparents are living there. They have already had their first walk down the pier and nibble of hot doughnuts! Now Mum and Dad are in Weston, they are much closer to a very old friend so we met up with her and her gorgeous boys on Thursday morning for a great time at a fort playground and water play area in the SUN!! When you add in the Shaun the sheep trail to our week too, it’s been a great week.


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Despite all the busyness, I did read a book this week. Early in the week it was pretty wet again so we all settled down to some reading one afternoon and then I couldn’t put the book down! It was finished in the same day and I’m not sure if I uttered more than a word to Mr S that evening. I learnt about the book #BossGirl from a review on a blog I read and I would definitely second the recommendation. It’s the autobiography of Sophia Amorusa who created a business empire in 10 years after dropping out of school. It’s brilliant and whilst I am very happy in my job and have no desire to have my own business, the themes of being creative, working hard and trusting yourself are universal to any work place. It’s a good read just before the new school year and has made me excited to be returning to work and a job I love.



Little Miss is getting to an age where she enjoys pop music so for our long journey I downloaded Taylor Swift’s 1989. There is nothing I love more than a journey with a brilliant soundtrack to sing along too and Taylor Swift’s album does this perfectly.



This is not so much a watched but saw category this week. As well as looking for Shaun the Sheep, for which I have a separate blog entry, we also saw a stunning Whale model exhibited as part of a green campaign in Bristol. The waves in this image are made from discarded plastic drinks bottles and the campaign asks people to recycle and reuse their plastic drinks bottle. It’s a very effective strategy.


I also saw queues of people queuing for DismalLand, a Banksy exhibition in Weston Super Mare. Whilst it may be a parody, I’m not taken by the concept, a little too dark, bitter and sinister, we all need a little sparkle in our lives. I prefer Banksy’s witty, pertinent and effective wall art. Whilst he tries to remain anonymous, a gritty urban guerrilla, there are strong rumours Banksy is a white, middle class, privately educated man which does kind of ruin the image he tries to give.


WP_20150824_005 - Copy

More crafting this week as our play date took place on a very wet morning so I made hairbands with the girls. As you can see from the image, mine was customised as part of Colin the Caveman’s costume.

I’ve also made a couple of fresh soups, the weather has called for comfort food and I have red pepper and tomato soup simmering on the hob, ready for lunch. As the fridge has been playing up again, I’ve had to make a tropical rice pudding to use up the milk, it does smell rather lovely. The engineer has just finished another visit so I hope that it’s all fixed now.



At the beginning of the week, I finally gave up on my Cagoule which has served me well for years and bought a new rain coat. It’s from Joules and is lovely, the hood fits nicely and the jersey lining is cosy, best of all it’s definitely waterproof as I have put it through its paces this week. Thankfully we’ve had a bit of sunshine now so I’m hoping I can hang it up for a few weeks, how odd to buy something you hope you don’t need to wear!

This has been the final full week of the holiday. It’s Bank Holiday Monday next week and then I’m back to school on Inset on Tuesday and the children on Thursday. Mr S is spending the final days of the holidays with the children, he does like to do things with them so I’m sure he’ll have lots of plans of fun things to do. I’m still on a high from our fab week but can’t help but think it’ll be a little sad when the holidays finish on Monday, I love being with my family. Fortunately we have a nice few things coming up in September to look forward to and half term will be here before long.


Shaun in the City


This week, we were finally able to do the one activity on our summer bucket list that I have been really looking forward to, the Shaun the Sheep trail in Bristol. Two years ago, there was a similar Gromit trail where Gromit figures, painted in all different designs by artists, were placed all over Bristol and you tried to visit as many as possible. This trail and merchandising, app purchases and auction raised nearly £5million for the Bristol Children’s hospital, so has been repeated this summer with Shaun the Sheep. The Aardmaan Animations connection being the company started and continues to thrive in Bristol. There are 70 Shauns in Bristol this year and with just the one opportunity to do so, we were realistic that we would not be able to do the full flock, however this year it was split into different themed trails and we did the Harbourside Trail with a few extras.

It was the amazing experience I had hoped it would be, our first Shaun was Isambaaard, after Isambard Kingdom Brunel, any Bristol school child knows IKB very well and to find the statue at the Suspension Bridge was a perfect spot. Sadly, I have no single shots of this Shaun, but have lots of family photos, Shaun and the Bridge is a fitting setting. We then drove into the City centre to continue the hunt on foot. The harbour side is an area which has really developed and the atmosphere was sparkling, it was a rare, dry day and the area was brimming with families, hunting Shauns and enjoying the Aquarium, @Bristol etc.. It felt very jolly with a real holiday atmosphere. The lovely thing about the trail is the number of people doing it, you spot so many people studying the trail maps and Smartphones and lots of children running around and excitedly finding the Shauns. Little Man was brilliant at finding Shauns and even in the car on the way home he had his eyes peeled. It is also all inclusive, young and old, singles, couples and families were all shepherding the flock. Our little group was myself, my Mum, my nephew and Little Miss and Little Man and it was one of those very special times I’ll fondly remember.

The Shauns are brilliant and the designs thoughtful and innovative. There are so many fantastic designs it’s difficult to choose a favourite. I loved Isambaaard, I used to love history at school and the real IKB was a character and absolute genius and I thought the location was perfect. However, at St Nick’s market, a favourite hangout as a teenager, was Woolly Wonderland, a knitted Shaun, it took 500 hours to knit its outfit and it is amazing, Mum and I loved this and appreciated the hours of work. Little Man’s favourite Shauns were the King (King Arthur of Lambelot) and Pirate Captain whilst for Little Miss her best was Shaun bean, a shiny, silver Shaun.

I loved our day on the Shaun trail, it was very special and a wonderful way to explore Bristol, a perfect little adventure.



Little Sparkles

So its our first week back after the holidays and I’ve been pottering around at home, unpacking, doing the holiday washing and trying to keep Little Miss and Little Man amused in the yucky weather, really what has happened to our Summer this year? I’m writing this waiting for an engineer to arrive, minutes before our big food shop was delivered on Wednesday, I realised that our newish fridge freezer was not working. Fortunately we have a spare freezer and some lovely neighbours who are storing the fresh food in their fridge, however it has made food preparation a little more awkward. Its a little inconvenience, friends’ circumstances this week have been really sad and my broken fridge freezer is laughingly pathetic in the bigger picture of life.


This is a shocking confession but I really couldn’t get into Summertime despite trying hard, so I simply skim read to discover the murderer and read the last bit to find out what happened to the characters. Sadly, I remain unimpressed by the book.  I think I’m still pining for Ove and no other book will compare for a while.

I haven’t started any new books this week but have caught up on a lot of blog posts. There is a recurring theme of wellbeing and the need for simplicity in blogger’s lives, I think the holiday season has us all reflecting and trying to make positive changes.



On a wet Wednesday afternoon, we went to big town to watch the Disney / Pixar film Inside Out. By going to big town it made the day last a little longer, essential in miserable weather and then we popped into the big superstore next door for a bit of school stationery.

I was looking forward to the film and it didn’t disappoint, it is extremely well done in the way in which it explains emotions and how they work. I was particularly taken by their explanation that we need to experience a range of emotions and that you need sadness to allow you joy. Little Miss and Little Man did talk about it after they finished and told me the different lands thy have in their heads, Little Miss has Family Land, Friend Land, Horse Land and Gymnastic Land. Little Man has a Star Wars Land and Minion Land!! I think this film will be a timely reminder of our emotions when we are having testing times!



Not much in this category this week, no additions to my IPod playlists and no stand out programmes on the radio. The best thing I have listened to this week is the children being imaginative on our walk to see Kim, the Antony Gormley sculpture, creating stories about the character and his life.



With my cupboards (but not fridge!) replenished its been lovely to be creative in the kitchen this week and to make an effort with our meals, that’s the beauty of the school holidays, I have the time to enjoy preparing the food, sometimes on my own or sometimes with the help of Little Miss and Little Man who still find it a novelty to help. Our holiday has given me lots of inspiration and we have enjoyed some really tasty meals. I’m looking forward to tonight’s homemade curry, the spices smell lovely and I do like coconut milk in a recipe. In addition to the main meals, which included a very special family meal for our 5th anniversary we have made flapjacks and minion cakes. Baking is another useful activity on wet, miserable days.


There is a definite theme this week and after spending the last week in swimming costumes and shorts, its been a bit of a shock to have to layer my outfits with leggings and cardigans to counter the cold, wet weather. I’m hoping its temporary blip and that next week we’ll have Summer back, we’ll be doing the Shaun the Sheep trail and it would be nice to do it in dry weather.

Antony Gormley – LAND


The wet and grim weather has exhausted my enthusiasm and resources for crafting this holiday, so following the adage that there is no such thing as bad weather just poor clothing, we ventured out today, carefully dressed to complete one of our Bucket List activities. We chose the picnic and walk and went to a local beach to see one of the five Anthony Gormley sculptures around the U.K. which make up the LAND project. The iron sculpture was erected in May 2015 and is due to stand in position for one year. I do hope to be able to visit the statue on a number of occasions to gain different perspectives of the work.

Our walk was wet, windy and muddy but quite exhilarating and fun, the children ran around and discovered the bay, we climbed rocks, walked to the tower up a very steep flight of steps and explored the local marine centre. As the weather was so bad, we were the only ones at the sculpture and we got to scramble over the rocks and really look at the work. The children were quite taken by the sculpture, we nicknamed him Kim and they became statues themselves, posing by looking out to sea near him. They were really imaginative about the things he might see or do and I did feel they appreciated the art. I was really impressed when we came home and they made up their own ‘Kim’ from Lego.

Despite our enthusiasm to walk in the rain, by the time we had finished we were muddy and wet so the picnic was taken in the car with the hot air blasting through the car to warm us up. Another bucket list activity successfully ticked off.


Our 5th Anniversary as the Sparkles Family


Today is a very special day for the Sparkles family, five years ago we became a family when Little Miss and Little Man came to live with us permanently. After a week of introductions with their foster family, the children came home to us, making it the most exciting and scariest day. We could scarcely believe what was happening, after all the heartbreak and waiting, we became a family of four. We celebrate this day, as it’s our special day, no one else knows the significance of the date. I always feel birthdays and special holidays are tinged with sadness. I have no memory of the days the children were born and I know their birth mother will always be thinking of them and her memories of the day, likewise with Christmas and other celebrations. I love the children’s’ birthdays and we do celebrate big time but it’s not my day, today is our day.

The last five years have been the best of my life, I have never felt happier, more fulfilled or excited about life. All I ever wanted in my life was to be a Mum and every day I am so grateful to have my little family who bring me so much love and joy.

Today we will celebrate with a family meal and special family time and I’m sure there will be cake! It’s a day to celebrate our amazing, beautiful and loving family. Mr S, Little Miss and Little Man I love you all so much xx

The cake we had on our 1st anniversary.
The cake we had on our 1st anniversary.

Lloret de Mar


It’s taken a long time to write about her holiday in Lloret de Mar in the Costa Brava, Spain which took place in August and its now October! (I’m posting it in August to keep the blog chronological!) The reluctance is possibly due to the photos being on the digital camera and the inconvenience of downloading the photos, but also there is a little sadness on the return from holidays and writing only seems to deepen those feelings. Holidays are those magic times when the only thing on the schedule is to relax and have fun and the time spent as just our little of family of four is so precious.

We really liked the resort of Lloret de Mar, it was just the right size for us small but lively. We were in a family hotel at the family end of the resort but it was fun in the evenings to walk into the town and see all the twenty somethings partying, oh the memories of being young and carefree. It was a really convenient resort to stay at, we left our house at 9.30 am, flew from our local airport and were in the hotel pool just after 3pm, English time. The facilities at the hotel were excellent, there was a large family pool, 2 smaller outdoor pools, an indoor pool and 5 different slides. The children loved the pools and slides and Little Man was particularly made up by the huge water play pirate ship in one of the pools. We all spent a lot of time playing in the pools from the daily Aquafit sessions, splashing down the slides and the continuous water fights, a perfect way to cool down. There were lots of children and our little duo made friends quickly so had lots of children to play with, allowing Mr S and I a little time to relax.   We did go to the beach in the town one day but it is a manmade beach. This meant that the sand was tiny stones unsuitable for sand castles and the drop from beach to the sea was a little steep and dangerous, however I did go for a swim, you can’t go on holiday without a dip in the sea. For us living at the seaside, the beach isn’t as big a draw as it may be for some, our home town’s beach is so good, little else lives up to it! The pools around the hotel were so good and along with the children’s club, the best entertainment was at the hotel. We tended to be around the pool from 9am – 1pm, have lunch and a walk along the prom and around the town and then back to the pools between 3 and 6pm, before dining at the hotel and then enjoying a walk into town or the children’s disco and entertainment. I love going into town on a hot summer’s night, just pottering and enjoying the warmth and holiday atmosphere. On several evenings we stopped at an open air café for a mocktail or ice cream sundae and enjoyed watching the world go by.

It was a simple holiday but full of so much quality family time. We didn’t do any visits out of the town but spent every day playing and being with each other. These are such precious times, we create the memories which will last a lifetime.

Little Sparkles – pequeños destellos from Spain.

This week it’s the Spanish version of Little Sparkles as we have spent the week at Lloret de Mar on the Costa Brava. Its been a week full of family sparkles, holidays are the best for playing, laughing and making memories as a family. These are just a few of our sparkles and I  hope to write a post on the holiday itself soon.



I finished A Man called Ove and it is an excellent read. I think I have my own Ove in my life, Mr S who ‘dances on the inside.’   This is a really delightful book and just reminds us how much experiences and tragedies can shape us. It is a tear jerker and I did have to dive into the pool to hide a few tears as I finished the book on my sun lounger.

I have also started Summertime by Vanessa Lafaye, it’s a good, solid read but not quite in the same league as Ove and The Harry Quebert Affair books that I’ve read from the book club this year.



This holiday we have shared our evenings with walks around Lloret de Mar and the entertainment at the hotel. The two stand out shows were dance shows, one showcasing flamenco dancing and the other a mix of salsa and acrobatics. I love the art of dancing, as someone as uncoordinated and clumsy as me I am just full of admiration of the dancers.

I have also been doing my favourite hobby of people watching. Holidays are remarkable experiences and it does make you realise all the good there is, our hotel really was full of happy families and everyone mixed brilliantly, regardless of nationality.


This is the song of the holidays, it was played in the daily Aquafit sessions, which were a sight to behold, the pool full (including the whole Sparkles family) dancing to Europop hits and it was also played at the end of the night’s entertainments. Its Euro cheesy pop at its best and I love it!



No makes this week as were fully inclusive in the hotel so I only had to decide what to eat, not what to make, the bliss of a holiday! I did use my time to make some plans. I like to have time to sit and think what my priorities will be for the coming months. I had a health scare shortly before the holidays which did frighten me and has made me think about my health, so some of my planning has focused on my health, not just diet but physical, spiritual and emotional well being too. I am always busy, fitting in as much as I can at work, at home and I have realised that I need a little time for me. As well as making plans, we also made new friends this week, I’ve never had holiday romances but friendships we have made on previous holidays have lasted for years and still continue to do so.


Its been a week of swimming costumes and cover ups. This year I have developed my collection of swimsuits. I have always been practical and stuck to Speedo costumes, buying for sport rather than sunbathing but I have bought two new costumes this year which are a little more structured and styled. They are so comfortable and I am rather taken by them, even when swimming they have not been too revealing. They have also brought a little colour into my swimming wardrobe! Sadly, I’m not sure how much more outdoor wear they’ll get now, but its been nice to wear them.

My Holiday Bag

Its holidays tomorrow and as I have written earlier, I love the planning and organisation of a trip. It’s me in my element. Everything is now ready for tomorrow, its simply the last minute things which need to be packed, my make-up bag, a drink etc.. and of course these are on a list stuck on my case.

This is my hand luggage for tomorrow. I love this bag, it’s a perfect size and I also can fit in a small handbag which holds my purse and phone. All the contents are carefully chosen to make the journey as smooth as possible.


  1.  My Kindle.  As well as books, there are some games for the children on this with a few new ones for the journey as a surprise.  My favourite, Scrabble is on here too.  Mr S has some programmes and films downloaded onto his iPad so we just keep the Kindle for books and games.  By having the Kindle and iPad in our hand luggage, both children have access to a device for the journey.  This is the only time of the holiday when the children use the devices, holidays are not for screen time.
  2. Activity Books and pencils.  These are a great size activity book and we have lovely, new pencils in the pencil case so lots of choice for colouring in.
  3. Ipod.  We have our holiday playlist on the iPod ready for its first listen.  There’s been some great Summer hits so far in 2015, so Little Mix, LunchBox Lewis, Ellie Goulding and others are on this playlist.  With a nod to our Spanish destination, I’ve added a little Enrique but did resist the temptation to add Y Viva l’Espana.
  4. Wet Wipes.  An essential for any trip for so many reasons.
  5. Toiletries Bag.  Whilst we are restricted by security, this contains the essentials which we cannot survive without on holiday, inhalers and eczema cream, painkillers, travel sickness tablets, mini tube of sun cream etc..
  6. Neals Yard Remedies Travel Roller.  I travel badly, so in addition to travel sickness tablets and ginger sweets, I also wear this aromatherapy blend to help. Car travel is my worse form of transport and thankfully it’s a short journey tomorrow to our local airport.
  7. Books.  Little Miss and I have reading books ready to be enjoyed.  I always remember having new books for holidays.
  8. Rainbow Notebook.  This is my planning book for my blog and life.  When I am relaxed, I get inspired so it’s nice to be able to jot down my ideas, draw a mind map etc.
  9. A Camera.  It seems a bit old school now, but I have a digital camera in my bag.  I don’t want to always have a phone in my hand and I can do a few more things with the camera.  I love taking photos and catching special moments.
  10. Playing Cards.  In Corfu, we enjoyed our evening card games so as well as a pack of playing cards I’ve added Uno for this holiday.  I loved Uno when I was younger, it’s addictive!
  11. Hats and sunglasses.  As we’re arriving mid-afternoon, we’ve packed these essentials so we can start playing in the sun as soon as we arrive.
  12. Charger for phone, Kindle and camera.
  13. Little Dolly. Little Dolly and Little Man’s blanket are essentials to help them settle at night and give comfort and security.
  14. Travel Documents.  These are a photocopy of all our travel documents and tickets, for those just in case moments.

This bag worked well on the last holiday and is similar to what I have taken before children, particularly for long haul flights, minus the toys. I find it difficult to relax by doing nothing and like a bag of tricks to keep me amused. For me, the most two important things in this list are the music and notepad as each one inspires my creativity.

Little Sparkles

This week it’s been all about preparing for next week’s holiday to Spain, though not so easy with two children at home looking to be amused and entertained. The weather’s not been on our side either, this really has been a grey, dreary and wet summer holiday. However there have been some highlights this week, Saturday night en famille at the carnival was great and the sun came out for drinks at the quay on Thursday night with friends, a child free evening out.


A Man called Ove by Frederick Backman

This is a beautiful read, it is so soothing and gentle to read, and you just want to read more of the book and simply wrap yourself in its warmth. I think all of us know an Ove and the delight in this story is discovering how he became the man he is and his developing relationships which begin at the start of the story. I haven’t finished yet but am thoroughly enjoying the book.


The Ashes 4th Test on Sky Sports

WP_20150806_006 (1)

I had a few things planned for Thursday morning so we did our jobs in town early so I could be back at home to listen to the cricket at 11am whilst doing a few chores. The cricket was unbelievable, the wickets were falling so quickly I needed to sit down and watch the history being played out. Little Man joined me too, alerted by my whoops of delight and we watched the best 90 minutes of cricket I have ever known. Later in the afternoon, Little Man and I played cricket, he was England and I was Australia.

aus head

On Saturday night, we also went into town to watch the fireworks and just potter around the carnival attractions, live music, fairground rides, the carnival bar and a chip supper. It was a lovely evening with a great atmosphere.

WP_20150801_013 (1)


In addition to the cricket, which was simply outstanding, I listened to a couple of downloads this week. The first was a TED lecture presented by Linda Cliatt-Wayman on school leadership and the second was Desert Island Discs with Ruth Rogers of River Café fame. Both were excellent listens, I was humbled and inspired by the first and the second was a remarkable life story and the importance of seasonal food and simple dishes.


With the weather, there have been lots more craft activities. We have made a plant pot and flowers from felt and have been creative with pompoms. Little Miss recently got a pompom kit as a gift. When I was little we cut circles from cereal packets but this kit has a plastic magnetic, semi-circle prop to help wind the wool around. I was quite keen to see it work as I had seen a photo from the new Boden Christmas catalogue and liked their pompom hanging decorations, I think I may adapt it for our decorations this year.

WP_20150807_006 (1)

I also had the sewing machine out this week and both children had a go sewing scraps once I had mended Little Man’s blanket. It is his most treasured possession and one of the few things he had when he came to live with us, it gives him so much security and comfort. However, it had a hole from wear and tear and needed repaired before it got worse.  As I got the sewing machine out I feel that this counts as a bit of a make to me!

WP_20150806_008 (1)

I have also been creative in the kitchen as we try to use up all the ingredients in the kitchen before the holiday. I have been pleasantly surprised by our menu, the warm lentil salad was delicious and the gently spiced couscous was a nice alternative to potatoes.


The sun was out on Thursday evening, so I wore my favourite cherry red shorts with a sleeveless, floaty cream top for al fresco drinks. We were down on the quay, busy with holiday makers and coupled with the warm, sun filled evening it made it feel a little more special.

We are now ready for our holiday and are looking forward to some special family time in the next week.  I don’t switch my devices on during our holiday, some times need to be digital free and then I can look forward to logging back on.  I’m sure I’ll write a few posts or jot down a few ideas, my pad and pencil always come with me, I love the inspiration of a blank page and pretty pens.

Summer 2015 Our Bucket (and Spade) List – The first update


This list has been a great success this year, after creating our original list we have added new ideas and added a few words when we have ticked the items off. I like our activities, there is a mix of trips out but also some simple, free activities to do too and on the dull days we’ve had its definitely added some inspiration to our day. Here’s our update, 3 weeks into the Summer holidays.

  1.  Go horse riding – must book this! Initially this was Little Miss’ choice but now Little Man wants a go too.
  2. J Watch the ballet at the theatre – Little Miss and I loved the ballet, Sleeping Beauty, in her words it was “twirling, elegant and smooth”
  3. J Play putting – this was a family treat on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon.  Mr S’ golf skills shone through but we all found it fun.
  4. Go to Grandma and Granfer’s – this is quite difficult to plan as they are moving but still don’t have contract dates.  Hopefully after our holiday we’ll have definite dates to plan our visit.
  5. Find Shaun the Sheep in Bristol – I am so looking forward to this but it will be done on the above visit.  I’ve seen lots of tweets about the trail and am very keen to follow.
  6. J Play on the beach – whilst we’ve not had the best weather we’ve been on the beach as soon as the sun has shone, we’re hoping for more sunny days on the beach.
  7. Have a picnic on a long walk –
  8. J Go to the farm– This is a local farm and outdoor play area, the children loved their day here.  It’s a place they have always loved and we have many photos from over the years.  It was brilliant but it was bitter sweet, they are getting to an age where they are growing out of the attraction and it may be one of our final visits.
  9. Do a bike ride – this sounds so simple but we need to teach Little Man to ride his bike first.  We have been out lots, nearly every dry day and progress is being made.
  10. Do the library reading challenge – we’re working through the books for this challenge, 4 read and 2 to go.
  11. Get the paddling pool out – there’s not been too many sunny days and we’ve headed to the beach on these days, hopefully we’ll get a few more bright and hot days.
  12. Make real lemonade – not quite sure how this got on the list, but there is a recipe in my magazine this month.  A make for after our holiday.
  13. J Discover dinosaurs – this was a brilliant afternoon last Thursday at a local country park led by a highly enthusiastic and passionate guide.  We did some crafts but handled real fossils, dug for fossils in the sand and made dino footprints.
  14. Watch Inside Out at the cinema – I’m really keen to see this film, it looks amazing!
  15. J Watch the Minions at the cinema – this was the first thing ticked off the list when Mr S took the children to the cinema when I was still at work in the first days of their holiday.  They loved it!
  16. J Play with our birthday presents and toys – with the rough weather we’ve done lots of crafts and playing inside so another ticked off.
  17. Sit down on the grass and sketch – another one to do, we’ve some new pastels so they should make for nice pictures.
  18. Do messy play, play with gloop.

That’s 7 completed with others in progress and a few to complete after our holiday to Spain. I’m hopeful it’ll be a full list done by the start of the new school year.