Little Sparkles – pequeños destellos from Spain.

This week it’s the Spanish version of Little Sparkles as we have spent the week at Lloret de Mar on the Costa Brava. Its been a week full of family sparkles, holidays are the best for playing, laughing and making memories as a family. These are just a few of our sparkles and I  hope to write a post on the holiday itself soon.



I finished A Man called Ove and it is an excellent read. I think I have my own Ove in my life, Mr S who ‘dances on the inside.’   This is a really delightful book and just reminds us how much experiences and tragedies can shape us. It is a tear jerker and I did have to dive into the pool to hide a few tears as I finished the book on my sun lounger.

I have also started Summertime by Vanessa Lafaye, it’s a good, solid read but not quite in the same league as Ove and The Harry Quebert Affair books that I’ve read from the book club this year.



This holiday we have shared our evenings with walks around Lloret de Mar and the entertainment at the hotel. The two stand out shows were dance shows, one showcasing flamenco dancing and the other a mix of salsa and acrobatics. I love the art of dancing, as someone as uncoordinated and clumsy as me I am just full of admiration of the dancers.

I have also been doing my favourite hobby of people watching. Holidays are remarkable experiences and it does make you realise all the good there is, our hotel really was full of happy families and everyone mixed brilliantly, regardless of nationality.


This is the song of the holidays, it was played in the daily Aquafit sessions, which were a sight to behold, the pool full (including the whole Sparkles family) dancing to Europop hits and it was also played at the end of the night’s entertainments. Its Euro cheesy pop at its best and I love it!



No makes this week as were fully inclusive in the hotel so I only had to decide what to eat, not what to make, the bliss of a holiday! I did use my time to make some plans. I like to have time to sit and think what my priorities will be for the coming months. I had a health scare shortly before the holidays which did frighten me and has made me think about my health, so some of my planning has focused on my health, not just diet but physical, spiritual and emotional well being too. I am always busy, fitting in as much as I can at work, at home and I have realised that I need a little time for me. As well as making plans, we also made new friends this week, I’ve never had holiday romances but friendships we have made on previous holidays have lasted for years and still continue to do so.


Its been a week of swimming costumes and cover ups. This year I have developed my collection of swimsuits. I have always been practical and stuck to Speedo costumes, buying for sport rather than sunbathing but I have bought two new costumes this year which are a little more structured and styled. They are so comfortable and I am rather taken by them, even when swimming they have not been too revealing. They have also brought a little colour into my swimming wardrobe! Sadly, I’m not sure how much more outdoor wear they’ll get now, but its been nice to wear them.


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