Antony Gormley – LAND


The wet and grim weather has exhausted my enthusiasm and resources for crafting this holiday, so following the adage that there is no such thing as bad weather just poor clothing, we ventured out today, carefully dressed to complete one of our Bucket List activities. We chose the picnic and walk and went to a local beach to see one of the five Anthony Gormley sculptures around the U.K. which make up the LAND project. The iron sculpture was erected in May 2015 and is due to stand in position for one year. I do hope to be able to visit the statue on a number of occasions to gain different perspectives of the work.

Our walk was wet, windy and muddy but quite exhilarating and fun, the children ran around and discovered the bay, we climbed rocks, walked to the tower up a very steep flight of steps and explored the local marine centre. As the weather was so bad, we were the only ones at the sculpture and we got to scramble over the rocks and really look at the work. The children were quite taken by the sculpture, we nicknamed him Kim and they became statues themselves, posing by looking out to sea near him. They were really imaginative about the things he might see or do and I did feel they appreciated the art. I was really impressed when we came home and they made up their own ‘Kim’ from Lego.

Despite our enthusiasm to walk in the rain, by the time we had finished we were muddy and wet so the picnic was taken in the car with the hot air blasting through the car to warm us up. Another bucket list activity successfully ticked off.



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