My Sunday Photo #9

I do like to decorate our home for special occasions and yesterday used my trusted leopard print Union Jack 🇬🇧 Accessorise scarf for the royal wedding. It’s a little frayed after a month hanging out of a window for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games but the wear and tear just adds to its charm. I’ve never been a flag waving citizen but it’s fun to use on special occasions.


Happy Moments

img_1818Sometimes there are times when life seems tough for those around you and I often send a little card to let that person know that I’m thinking of them.  However today I had one of the most joyous card shopping trips I’ve had in ages for a family wedding, a healthy baby boy and an clear from cancer card.  The last card was just brilliant to be able to buy as its for a much loved and respected colleague from all of us at work.  The atmosphere when we heard the good news yesterday made us all feel so tingly and happy.  It just reminded me that we should all take time to celebrate every piece of good news and simply cherish every day.

My life in music


For me music is the soundtrack to my life, I can listen to a song and it can instantly take me back to a time, a place and people.  I love that I have so many memories and feelings from music and thought I would introduce a few albums which have shaped periods in my life.  These are not necessarily my favourite albums but those which have a special place in my life.

I was inspired to do this series after listening to a radio interview with Marti Pellow of Wet Wet Wet.  To introduce the section, they played a montage of the group’s hits and suddenly I was back in 1987.  I played Popped In Souled Out on repeat in 1987 as I tried to settle into a new life in a new town, desperately missing my old friends and home as well as experiencing the teenage angst of being 14, it was a tough time.  Even hearing just the snippets of the songs, the feelings of the period overwhelmed me again.

My parents did something in this time to help me appreciate our new home of Bristol by buying two tickets for the Wet Wet Wet tour at the Colston Hall.   My old town never had pop concerts and now in Bristol, I was not only going to get to see my favourite band  but I was allowed to take a friend and not my parents who were simply on taxi duties. It was my first concert on my own ( I had seen Aha in 1986 but my mum came too) and helped me see the joy, fun  and potential of being a teenager in Bristol.  Wet Wet Wet on that night were amazing, so young and innocent, full of energy and absolutely loving what they were doing so much that we loved them even more for it.  Popped In Souled Out remains my favourite Wet Wet Wet album and whilst I loved the hits Wishing I was Lucky and Sweet Little Mystery, Angel Eyes and Temptation (with a swear word) mean so much to the lost and lonely 14 year old I was.


A snap shot of my life ~ A gripping read


Its that magic moment I’ve been waiting and anticipating all day.  I am finally able to sit down and finish the book I’ve been thinking about constantly today, will I be able to solve who the murdered woman was before the climatic ending?

Postcript, no I didn’t guess the identity of the woman or the murderer which is unlike me.  This book is The New Mrs Clifton by Elizabeth Buchan and it is so well written with a rich tapestry of characters and background stories coming together to  build an excellent thriller.

My Sunday Photo #7


After a wet, miserable winter of wading through mud on my Sunday morning trail runs, today made me remember why I do it. The warm sun on your face, stunning country and sea views, saying hello to the cows and horses en route and enjoying the smell and sight of the wild flowers. Sunday morning runs are my time, helping me to prepare for the week ahead.

Life Humming in the Background …


This is one of those posts which I don’t really know where it’s going to go.  I’ve not written for a while not because I’ve lost my blogging mojo nor because life is too busy or that I’m procrastinating. I just can’t describe  how life feels like at the moment.  Life is humming in the background as I make sure everyone is fed, dressed and where they should be at the correct time and with correct equipment.  I play and laugh with the children, arrange play dates, do homework. share music etc..  Work is fine and I’m enjoying a project I’m doing.  The children and Mr S are all well and happily bobbing along.  Its just that I don’t seem to be so sparkly and dynamic and I don’t know why.  I’m lacking inspiration in lots of what I do, meals are simple and old favourites, I’m wearing old comfy familiar clothes even my gym routine veers on the predictable but I find myself craving this normality and routine.  I’m not tired or ill and am outside lots, the spark is just faded. I know I could jump my self into action with a  new project or try something different but I don’t feel I need to.  I need to relax and embrace what my body is telling me, life is on a low volume whilst I recharge and I am genuinely okay with that.