Me airbrushed to perfection.  Be assured I have the lines and look of your average 40 something working mum of two.

This blog is my creative release and simply a personal project to record the memories and thoughts of my life as a wife to Mr S (that’s S for Sparkles) and Mum to two amazing children, Little Miss and Little Man.   I hope it will be a legacy for my children and a medium to help us understand and remember our special family times. It is a personal project, if someone else is entertained by my writing, it is my pleasure and privilege however my aim is not to publish to the wider world and promote myself, just to record essays to my family.  The blog does celebrate our life, but Little Miss and Little Man if you do read this and think you were charming, funny and amazing all the time, there were also times when you were little mischiefs,  we’ll  just keep those occasions to ourselves.  As well as being a wife and mum, I’m a homemaker, teacher, runner, reader and love a little project!  My posts may cover a wide range of themes and any product or company mentioned is simply my personal opinion, there are no sponsored posts on my blog.

This is an anonymous blog with sadly no photos of us or identifying details.  We became a family through adoption and we need to protect our identity.

The blog title refers to our beautiful home town, a small seaside resort, whose natural environment constantly inspires, amazes and comforts us.  The sparkles are those everyday moments which make life special.   We all need those twinkling, shimmering sparkles.


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