Little Sparkles

This week it’s been all about preparing for next week’s holiday to Spain, though not so easy with two children at home looking to be amused and entertained. The weather’s not been on our side either, this really has been a grey, dreary and wet summer holiday. However there have been some highlights this week, Saturday night en famille at the carnival was great and the sun came out for drinks at the quay on Thursday night with friends, a child free evening out.


A Man called Ove by Frederick Backman

This is a beautiful read, it is so soothing and gentle to read, and you just want to read more of the book and simply wrap yourself in its warmth. I think all of us know an Ove and the delight in this story is discovering how he became the man he is and his developing relationships which begin at the start of the story. I haven’t finished yet but am thoroughly enjoying the book.


The Ashes 4th Test on Sky Sports

WP_20150806_006 (1)

I had a few things planned for Thursday morning so we did our jobs in town early so I could be back at home to listen to the cricket at 11am whilst doing a few chores. The cricket was unbelievable, the wickets were falling so quickly I needed to sit down and watch the history being played out. Little Man joined me too, alerted by my whoops of delight and we watched the best 90 minutes of cricket I have ever known. Later in the afternoon, Little Man and I played cricket, he was England and I was Australia.

aus head

On Saturday night, we also went into town to watch the fireworks and just potter around the carnival attractions, live music, fairground rides, the carnival bar and a chip supper. It was a lovely evening with a great atmosphere.

WP_20150801_013 (1)


In addition to the cricket, which was simply outstanding, I listened to a couple of downloads this week. The first was a TED lecture presented by Linda Cliatt-Wayman on school leadership and the second was Desert Island Discs with Ruth Rogers of River Café fame. Both were excellent listens, I was humbled and inspired by the first and the second was a remarkable life story and the importance of seasonal food and simple dishes.


With the weather, there have been lots more craft activities. We have made a plant pot and flowers from felt and have been creative with pompoms. Little Miss recently got a pompom kit as a gift. When I was little we cut circles from cereal packets but this kit has a plastic magnetic, semi-circle prop to help wind the wool around. I was quite keen to see it work as I had seen a photo from the new Boden Christmas catalogue and liked their pompom hanging decorations, I think I may adapt it for our decorations this year.

WP_20150807_006 (1)

I also had the sewing machine out this week and both children had a go sewing scraps once I had mended Little Man’s blanket. It is his most treasured possession and one of the few things he had when he came to live with us, it gives him so much security and comfort. However, it had a hole from wear and tear and needed repaired before it got worse.  As I got the sewing machine out I feel that this counts as a bit of a make to me!

WP_20150806_008 (1)

I have also been creative in the kitchen as we try to use up all the ingredients in the kitchen before the holiday. I have been pleasantly surprised by our menu, the warm lentil salad was delicious and the gently spiced couscous was a nice alternative to potatoes.


The sun was out on Thursday evening, so I wore my favourite cherry red shorts with a sleeveless, floaty cream top for al fresco drinks. We were down on the quay, busy with holiday makers and coupled with the warm, sun filled evening it made it feel a little more special.

We are now ready for our holiday and are looking forward to some special family time in the next week.  I don’t switch my devices on during our holiday, some times need to be digital free and then I can look forward to logging back on.  I’m sure I’ll write a few posts or jot down a few ideas, my pad and pencil always come with me, I love the inspiration of a blank page and pretty pens.


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