My Holiday Bag

Its holidays tomorrow and as I have written earlier, I love the planning and organisation of a trip. It’s me in my element. Everything is now ready for tomorrow, its simply the last minute things which need to be packed, my make-up bag, a drink etc.. and of course these are on a list stuck on my case.

This is my hand luggage for tomorrow. I love this bag, it’s a perfect size and I also can fit in a small handbag which holds my purse and phone. All the contents are carefully chosen to make the journey as smooth as possible.


  1.  My Kindle.  As well as books, there are some games for the children on this with a few new ones for the journey as a surprise.  My favourite, Scrabble is on here too.  Mr S has some programmes and films downloaded onto his iPad so we just keep the Kindle for books and games.  By having the Kindle and iPad in our hand luggage, both children have access to a device for the journey.  This is the only time of the holiday when the children use the devices, holidays are not for screen time.
  2. Activity Books and pencils.  These are a great size activity book and we have lovely, new pencils in the pencil case so lots of choice for colouring in.
  3. Ipod.  We have our holiday playlist on the iPod ready for its first listen.  There’s been some great Summer hits so far in 2015, so Little Mix, LunchBox Lewis, Ellie Goulding and others are on this playlist.  With a nod to our Spanish destination, I’ve added a little Enrique but did resist the temptation to add Y Viva l’Espana.
  4. Wet Wipes.  An essential for any trip for so many reasons.
  5. Toiletries Bag.  Whilst we are restricted by security, this contains the essentials which we cannot survive without on holiday, inhalers and eczema cream, painkillers, travel sickness tablets, mini tube of sun cream etc..
  6. Neals Yard Remedies Travel Roller.  I travel badly, so in addition to travel sickness tablets and ginger sweets, I also wear this aromatherapy blend to help. Car travel is my worse form of transport and thankfully it’s a short journey tomorrow to our local airport.
  7. Books.  Little Miss and I have reading books ready to be enjoyed.  I always remember having new books for holidays.
  8. Rainbow Notebook.  This is my planning book for my blog and life.  When I am relaxed, I get inspired so it’s nice to be able to jot down my ideas, draw a mind map etc.
  9. A Camera.  It seems a bit old school now, but I have a digital camera in my bag.  I don’t want to always have a phone in my hand and I can do a few more things with the camera.  I love taking photos and catching special moments.
  10. Playing Cards.  In Corfu, we enjoyed our evening card games so as well as a pack of playing cards I’ve added Uno for this holiday.  I loved Uno when I was younger, it’s addictive!
  11. Hats and sunglasses.  As we’re arriving mid-afternoon, we’ve packed these essentials so we can start playing in the sun as soon as we arrive.
  12. Charger for phone, Kindle and camera.
  13. Little Dolly. Little Dolly and Little Man’s blanket are essentials to help them settle at night and give comfort and security.
  14. Travel Documents.  These are a photocopy of all our travel documents and tickets, for those just in case moments.

This bag worked well on the last holiday and is similar to what I have taken before children, particularly for long haul flights, minus the toys. I find it difficult to relax by doing nothing and like a bag of tricks to keep me amused. For me, the most two important things in this list are the music and notepad as each one inspires my creativity.


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