Our 5th Anniversary as the Sparkles Family


Today is a very special day for the Sparkles family, five years ago we became a family when Little Miss and Little Man came to live with us permanently. After a week of introductions with their foster family, the children came home to us, making it the most exciting and scariest day. We could scarcely believe what was happening, after all the heartbreak and waiting, we became a family of four. We celebrate this day, as it’s our special day, no one else knows the significance of the date. I always feel birthdays and special holidays are tinged with sadness. I have no memory of the days the children were born and I know their birth mother will always be thinking of them and her memories of the day, likewise with Christmas and other celebrations. I love the children’s’ birthdays and we do celebrate big time but it’s not my day, today is our day.

The last five years have been the best of my life, I have never felt happier, more fulfilled or excited about life. All I ever wanted in my life was to be a Mum and every day I am so grateful to have my little family who bring me so much love and joy.

Today we will celebrate with a family meal and special family time and I’m sure there will be cake! It’s a day to celebrate our amazing, beautiful and loving family. Mr S, Little Miss and Little Man I love you all so much xx

The cake we had on our 1st anniversary.
The cake we had on our 1st anniversary.

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