My week .. the one with a virtual win.

Its been so good to have a quieter week and a little more time to think, breathe and relax. It was a week of simple pleasures and one which I think has helped me to rebalance after recent busy and challenging times.

My highlight this week was completing the virtual Lands End to John O’Groats running challenge. I had planned to run the 874 miles in one calendar year (and was on target) but my operation meant I had 8 weeks of no running and then had to return slowly and carefully. The company organising the challenge were very sympathetic and I was given those 8 weeks back to complete the challenge which I have now done in 50 weeks, thus achieving it within the year. I am proud that I managed to complete the challenge, I’ve never done anything like it before and am now onto my next one, the South West coastal path. Although this too is a virtual challenge, I will be able to combine it with some real life running too as I live on part of the route. Its nice to have a little running challenge which isn’t a race or run every day month challenge.

As I have had some time in the evenings, I have been catching up on my reading as I have several unfinished books at present. I did finish Make Time this week, an engaging read, but I felt it would be have been more effective as a long article or short book. It is written in a nice, friendly style and contains good advice. I’ve been reading and sipping my herbal teas in the evenings. My Pukka advent calendar has made me a huge Pukka fan and the evening ritual of a herbal cup of tea when everything has been done, is one I am continuing with relish this year. I discovered the Love blend a couple of weeks ago and its made it to my number 1 tea slot!

On Saturday afternoon, my son and I went to our local cinema to see the new Spiderman movie. They have started doing matinees and its so easy to walk the 5 minutes into town and enjoy a film. I’m not a big super hero fan, that’s my son’s speciality, but I really enjoyed the film especially the bit (spoiler alert) when the three spidermen reunited. It was genuinely touching. It reminded me of my early teaching years when Tobey McGuire was the preferred pin up of my pupils and I got to learn lots about him. I used to teach French and German and it was always a task to describe people and their hobbies / job etc.. Tobey was a popular choice. It was interesting to read after, that he no longer acts and hasn’t done for more than 10 years. It was also quite scary to think those pupils who introduced me to Tobey McGuire are now in their 30s!

Despite it being quiet, lots still happened in family life. My daughter went ice skating with the youth club, that was a very late night and some tired peeps the next morning which was a school day. I accompanied my son to Scouts, it was quite a fun night watching them complete the Lego challenge, but it was a cold night outside and took me a while to thaw after! I also got up to date with life admin this week, cards ordered for the coming month, hair and nails done. I like weeks like this when I feel organised and in control.


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