My week … the one with the baby goats and baby squash

I’m early writing this post as its a busy weekend and I have to use writing time when I can find it. With all the new tiers and local lockdowns this week, I am expecting half term to be affected in some way and as this was the time we had been planning on seeing our parents, we decided to bring this forward and visit them this weekend. As Little Miss had a farm session booked for today, the boys have gone to visit Mr S’ dad today and tomorrow, Sunday, the girls are heading off to see my parents. We’re not staying overnight and have at least 4 driving hours each, making for long days. Fortunately, I’m on holiday next week so can relax a little.

We are very fortunate to have a 2 week half term, the first week is on my own and then the second week is shared with my children. It was strange when I broke up yesterday, I’m normally very excited about this holiday, but I just felt it was a bit of an anti climax. I always have lots of plans and trips organised for this fortnight and whilst I have adapted these to lockdown it simply doesn’t feel like half term should. Its also the uncertainty of what could happen in the next few weeks , with the possibility of a national circuit breaker lockdown during half term.

This week was a lovely autumn week, crisp, bright days and I spent lots of it outside, creating our new normal. I met a friend for a coffee one morning and we walked along the beach with a takeaway and chatted. It was lovely and I didn’t miss not being inside the café. I’ve been organising an evening meet up with friends for the coming weeks and we’ve admitted that we’re not comfortable being in a pub, so it looks like its a BYO in a friend’s garden whom has an outdoor heater and lots of layers.

So apart from anticipating a second lockdown, here are some of the other things I’ve been doing…

I read …

I read Some Kids I Taught and What They Taught Me by Kate Clanchy. It is an excellent read but in the nicest possible way, this is a collection of stories which many teachers could have written. Some of my students’ stories have stayed with me and influenced me through my life. Before my career in a special school, I was a teacher in an inner city, multi cultural comprehensive and it made me so much aware of asylum, trauma, racial tensions etc.. They are not negative stories but how communities can work together, it takes a village to raise a child.

I got a new sofa …

Continuing the story I wrote of a few weeks ago, our new sofa arrived for the dining room, bought entirely online with no popping into a shop to see it and try it out. Its a gamble which has paid off and we are delighted with it. I’m really pleased with the room, I love the colour and the new palette. I have one final job now, to try and get a chair reupholstered, however finding the craftsman its proving more difficult than I expected.

I looked after baby goats …

Little Miss has started working at a farm on Saturdays for the next few months. We visited the farm as part of a summer scheme and enquired if she could help with the animals which is a big passion of hers. They agreed, with a parent accompanying her and we have started the sessions. This morning we worked with the chickens, pigs and goats. Since our last visit, the farm has two new baby goats who are adorable, and have only cemented goats as my favourite farm animal. Today, we groomed and fed animals and cleaned out some drinking troughs. It was a beautiful way to spend a Saturday morning, in the absence of parkrun 😦 , a bright, sunshiny morning in stunning countryside.

I got a baby squash … (yep, really I’m talking about a vegetable)

I know its not big news but this is 2020! I was given a beautiful baby squash this week and whilst I will use it as its original intention in a recipe, I am enjoying the beauty of the vegetable. Its not stored in my vegetable cupboard but on display for all to see and to add to the autumn ambiance in my house.

And finally

As I mentioned earlier, its my solo half term week. I’m hoping I’ll get to a number of pre booked appointments, as this is my week to get organised and do all my little jobs. I do have a hospital appointment for an x-ray, so I wonder if this will happen. I will do a little more Christmas planning and get ready for half term and Halloween 2020 style!

Have a happy week.

My week … the one with more decorating.

This week, has been a week of tasks to do, none exciting but all useful, including a car repair, redecorating the dining room and an eye test. It was simply one of those weeks focused on getting the to do list ticked off.

We unexpectedly redecorated our dining room, although dining room is a bit of a misnomer as we don’t eat in here, its the adult room, with sofa, tv, work desk etc.. Having finished the games room we were planning our next project and decided to focus on the dining room. However, we had a large sofa bed we wanted to replace as despite being great quality it did overwhelm the room. We put it on a local Facebook page, for collection only and within a few hours it had been sold and collected, which fast forwarded our plans, including buying a replacement sofa, which in these Covid times, we have done online, finding the right size, colour and shape with a quick delivery. It arrives late next week, so fingers crossed it is as we hope. I can’t believe we’ve bought such a key item without seeing or testing it. The paint colour was quickly chosen thanks to the Dulux app and despite being a bit worried that it was a darker colour than normal, it looks amazing and we are really pleased with it. I will collect some more accessories and a plant or two in the coming weeks, but I’m impressed how much we have managed to do in a week.

Away from the decorating these are some of the things I’ve enjoyed this week.

I’ve embraced autumn.

Whilst I’ve been mourning the end of summer for the past few weeks, I’m now trying to embrace autumn with delicious warming meals, warm cosy clothes and a little seasonal reading. I always return to Sarah Ban Breathnach’s Simple Abundance, a day book of comfort and joy for inspiration and her topics this week were perfect for life as it is at present. I’ve had this book for over 20 years now and it is as perfect now as it was then. I also popped into one of my favourite indie bookshops on Thursday when I was in a neighbouring town and picked up Ten Poems for Autumn, its a lovely mix and does make the season a little more pleasurable.

I’ve been on the seafront at dawn for the past 3 days, a mix of walking to work and my runs. The dawns have been quite spectacular, as the sea has been so calm and still, its been mild and the colours have just danced in the sky.

I helped Little Man do a Zoom Scouts meeting

Although Scouts was due to start IRL this week, a delayed risk assessment meant that it was done online in the guise of an escape room. I was impressed by the organisation and enjoyed participating with Little Man.

I’ve lunched al fresco

On Thursday, I met my cousin in a town mid way of our homes. We had planned lunch and we found a café with a sheltered courtyard, ideal for an al fresco lunch. Al fresco eating in the summer is enjoyable and preferable but its another thing we need to adapt to in the autumn and coming winter. I was well layered up and with a nice warming bowl of soup it was lovely to be outside in a pretty location. We were lucky it was a mild day, it’ll be interesting to see how long we can continue this style of eating out as the seasons continue.

I’ve had an eye test

I’m not very good at keeping up with eye tests but I’ve noticed my eyesight deteriorating over the past months, too much time in front of a screen, not being able to read the back of food packets, needing good light to read etc. As expected I need glasses and these have been ordered (as an aside, I can’t believe how expensive they are!) However, unexpectedly, I also have a referral to the eye hospital. I’ve not googled too much of what the optician explained in case it got a bit scary, but its to do with the eye pressure and may help explain the increased number of headaches I’ve been suffering with.

I did more Christmas shopping

It was just the one item this week, but I was so pleased to find the metal Emma Bridgewater Roses tin in Waitrose when I popped in on Thursday. My son’s new school is next to the shop, so its very handy to have a quick browse when I’m there. The tin is so pretty and tbh its all about the tin rather than the chocolates for me although I think my family will disagree!

Hope everyone has a great week.

My week … the one when the heating went on

Every year my husband and I have a little competition who can last longest without putting the heating on. This year, I thought it was going to be me, I was freezing last weekend and cosied up in hoodies and under blankets, but knew I couldn’t last much longer. Fortunately, I got a text message at work on Monday to say that he had switched it on and so victory is mine this year, I may have done a little whoop of delight (and relief)!

It has been a week of extremes, there was some warmer days but also a wicked storm on Friday. I had to stop my car and remove bins to pass one road on my way to work. It was a stunning storm, and as I have a sea view from my desk at work, I became totally distracted by the waves. I also had the very real threat of heavy branches falling from a large tree by my office, we did have to go outside to see if it was safe to stay in the office after one fell. I was relieved that the storm subsided by lunch time and the tree surgeons were very prompt in making the tree safe.

Apart from a bad storm, its been a normal week, no drama, just an everyday week, which is actually very reassuring in these times. I had my first face to face medical appointment this week as I had an appointment about a foot injury in our local ‘big’ town. It was as I expected, my consultant in scrubs, mask, a medical checklist and temperature check, but all was done very efficiently and professionally. I had a little spare time and popped into some of the high street shops. I was surprised at the lack of stock and emptiness of lots of the shops, I was hoping to pick up a few Christmas things but very little stock was on display.

With more bad weather today, we’ve had one of those incredibly productive days. We had a new carpet fitted in the children’s playroom yesterday so we had to put the furniture back. However, we had a few ideas and ended up rearranging furniture and storage throughout the house and sorting out so many things. It feels so different in lots of rooms, tidy and organised, with so much extra space. An unexpected but really useful day, finished with curry night, a real family favourite treat.

Here are some of the other highlights of this week…

I listened …

My trip to ‘big’ town meant that I could listen to Woman’s Hour on the car journey on Thursday and Jenni Murray’s final edition as presenter after 33 years. I really like Woman’s Hour and have always listened whenever I could, through sixth form, uni years, school holidays, the Saturday omnibus when it started and now on demand. In all that time Jenni has been the voice of the programme, a programme which has helped to educate, entertain and politicise me. It was a lovely programme and one which showed what an important role Jenni Murray had played in promoting women’s’ rights. The clips of interviews she had done were an amazing timeline and to finish with Woman was just class.

I read …

I love autumn evenings curled up on my sofa with a book and have started The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes this week. Her trilogy starting with Me Before You is a real favourite so I hadn’t even read about the storyline, simply going on Moyes’ reputation. I was a little surprised to be reading about a library in rural America in the early 1930s but just like her other books, its captivated me and I can’t wait to finish it.

I wore …

More masks. On Thursday I even coordinated my mask to my outfit, 2020 has made us do the most random things which we could never have imagined.

I read poems …

It was national poetry day on Wednesday and many poems were shared on social media to promote the day. The one which resounded most was by Nikita Gill, Tell Your Daughters, a poem about positive body image. It has such beautiful lines ‘Tell them how they inherited their ancestors souls in their smiles.’ I’ve printed it out and subtly put in on my daughter’s notice board for her to read and embrace its message.

Have a happy week.

My week … the one with the autumn chill.

After the late sunshine of last week, it was a shock to go from flip flops to winter boots overnight. I’ve been so cold this week and have layered up. My runs this week have all been in poor weather, I was so cold and wet after Thursday’s run and at the weekend, it was too early to feel the sun’s warmth and instead I got the chills from the wind. Whilst I will run throughout the autumn and winter I am definitely best suited to summer running. Having got a little excited by the prospect of my Saturdays getting back to normal, the inevitable delay to the return of parkrun was announced this week following Boris’s speech and an increase in cases of Coronavirus. The second wave appears to be developing with the consequence of new restrictions, the rule of 6 and pubs, restaurants etc.. all closing at 10pm. I am somewhat dubious about these guidelines, again Scotland under Nicola Sturgeon is so more explicit and clearer on what can and can’t be done and I just feel a bit underwhelmed about England’s response. We have been warned these restrictions are likely to last for 6 months and this has triggered the media to publish articles panicking about Christmas, personally it will be different and quieter but we can still make the magic.

Apart from much analysis of Boris’ speech and exasperation at its content, here is what I’ve been doing this week ….

I helped with interior designing

Well that sounds a bit posh, the reality was I selected a few stickers for the playroom wall and got the children to choose their favourite, fortunately there was an unanimous winner!

In the early weeks of this year, there were some bad storms (it felt like the storms were the worst thing that could happen this year, how wrong were we?) and the children’s playroom roof developed a leak. As it was outside we were able to have roofers come to repair it in the early days of lockdown but the water had damaged the ceiling and it needed repainting. Rather than simply doing the ceiling, we decided on a full refresh of the playroom, or games room as it is now to be known. During this week, Mr S has been painting the walls a new lovely shade of blue. Whilst my sticker has arrived, we have to wait 3 weeks before putting it up on the newly painted walls, but we were able to create a feature wall of photos. The playroom was originally Mr S’s office when we had the extension built, 10 years ago and had been decorated accordingly, with a beautiful pale grey carpet, totally impractical in what is now a childrens’ room, so a more durable, navy carpet arrives this week. I’ve seen a few more accessories to complement the room which I hope to add in the next few weeks or as Christmas presents.

I tried to create some Zen…

It has been one of the most challenging starts to the school year, there is too much out of our control and we are simply trying our best to support everyone. After a particularly bad Monday, I tried to think of practical ways in which I could help my colleague. When I had no inspiring ideas, I did the next best thing, I bought a green plant to bring a bit of Zen to our office and bought some Tisserrand ready to roll oil blends for us to use. Its always the little things which help.

I watched…

My two autumn tv favourites are Bake Off and Strictly and I was so happy for Bake Off to return on Tuesday night, even when it was delayed by Boris’ latest address to the nation, really WFH was the speech’s purpose? The opening of Bake Off was a skitch with Matt Lucas the new presenter as Boris and so perfect! I really appreciate that Bake Off is back on and has been able to be made in the pandemic, it was a great episode and I’m so looking forward to the rest of the series.

I saw…

My cruise ships are back in numbers again, on Friday afternoon there were 6 in the bay but as I was on a school trip I couldn’t get my phone out to take a photo. The photo above was taken from the sailing club on Sunday morning when there were five ships in the bay. The ships look beautiful in the evenings with twinkly lights reflecting off the sea. I’ll miss them when the ships sail off.

I’ve a few diary entries next week, hair, nails and a virtual parents evening, it seems like life is nearly normal. I have finally got a hospital appointment for a cortisone injection too. I’m 6 months over due and in pain so am so relieved that the clinic is able to offer the injection again. Apparently there is a risk to your immune system so I do have to sign forms to say that I understand the risk. Scary but the pain relief will really help.

Have a happy week.

My week … the one with hot, sunny days.

This week was one of those bonus weeks, an extra week of summer in September. The weather was stunning and those simple pleasures of eating lunch in the garden, wearing flip flops and driving with the window down just felt fun. It was an ordinary week, which this year feels a relief. We settled into new routines and simply relaxed at home over the weekend.

I ran lots …

It was pretty perfect running weather this week and I’m continuing with my four runs a week, this week no run was less than 5 miles and I reached my distance PB for over a decade at 7 miles (happy dance!) I did have to run to the post box and back to get this momentous figure, I couldn’t leave my watch on 6.9 miles. Now I have two weekdays off and the children leave for school early, its given me more time for running, and I’m able to explore old favourite routes from many years ago.

I learnt lots …

Little Miss and I have created a homework routine for her during the week, and its worked well so far. Much of her homework is a knowledge organiser with lots of learning for knowledge quizzes in lessons. I am hesitant about the use of such organisers as I’m not convinced by rote learning. However, as a result of the homework, I am quiz master at the end of each session and am learning as much as she is (apart from French which I ace!) There is easily one hour of homework each night and then 20 minutes reading which we do together. This is quite different to what she has been used to but I’m really impressed with her attitude and she genuinely seems to be happy in her new school. Little Man is also loving his new school and its such a relief for us as parents to see our children thriving in school.

I’ve begun to think about Christmas …

I am organised and a real planner and generally I start thinking seriously about Christmas in September. However, this year with all the uncertainty, I’ve been a little more proactive and started to shop. I passed by a favourite shop this week and popped in to browse and pick up a few things. I am genuinely unsure of how life is going to be in the next few months and like to feel a little in control. It seems I’m not the only one preparing for Christmas this early, as a friend sent a message about the children’s presents and after an exchange of messages has ordered them. Its going got be a different Christmas and I am sad that many of our favourite festive events are being cancelled. However, its an opportunity to think creatively and do things differently. You never know perhaps we’ll find something we want to do in a ‘normal’ year too.

I visited one of my favourite places

This is a little sad as we visited one of my favourite local beauty spots for possibly the last time in a while. We have always been frequent visitors and its a place we love to share with others who visit us. It was privately owned by an old lady, who has very sadly died. It was allowed to open at the weekend but is now closed until her will and estate are sorted. There is so much charm at the site, it is beautifully old fashioned and I only hope that the new owners will respect the values and simplicity of the estate. It was busy on Sunday and as I walked around I remembered so many different trips, the fairy trails, Halloween walks, trips with family and friends and even many, many years ago when I used to bring my class there on our minibus trip. I really hope we’re able to return soon, it is a very special place.

I cooked some seasonal recipes …

Well I say seasonal and when I was adding the veggies to my online shopping basket, the casserole ingredients seemed a sensible choice for a dinner. However I ended up getting my slow cooker out for the first time this autumn on a hot and sunny day. I did cook up some couscous too and pretended it was a tagine, which seemed more appropriate. Despite this it was delicious and has inspired me for more slow cooker dishes. I love when you come in and smell dinner nearly cooked. I also made a delicious crumble using the blackberries we picked at the weekend, I added nuts to the topping and we all loved it.

I’ve enjoyed my little extra week of summer but I’m realistic that its probably time for autumn now. Have a good week.

My week … the one in which Little Miss went back to school

This was the week that I had thought of so much in lockdown, the week when our two children would both be back at school and life would begin to feel a little more normal. The reality is that Covid cases have increased dramatically in the past few weeks and already we’re faced with more restrictions, the new rule of 6 and a worry of what is to come. One local primary school was closed this week and I think its inevitable that my children will be at home for two weeks at some point in this term. However, it did seem the most normal week for a very long time, I went to a big supermarket for the first time in 6 months (ironically not for food) hosted a family visit, had my nails done and pottered along on a very busy week. So here in more detail is my week..

I saw my daughter start a new secondary school.

Lockdown brought a lot of clarity to our lives, and one of the most noticeable was how much happier our daughter was at home than she had been in the previous months at school. We had been so careful in choosing a secondary school, and on paper, a small secondary in our local town seemed ideal. However, as we sat down and reflected, we realised how many niggles we had and even when we had addressed concerns with the school, the promised actions were not fulfilled. After a lot of soul searching, we spoke to our daughter about how she would feel about moving school, the relief was instant and her excitement again showed how bad things had become. Fortunately, it is a school where she already had friends from primary school and local clubs so she didn’t feel totally alone. It was easy to move schools and even though it was all done in Lockdown we were really impressed by the new school’s welcome and transition planning. Although school didn’t start until Tuesday, Mr S and her spent Monday morning at the school, having a tour , meeting key members of staff and were given all the details to help her arrive and be confident on day 1. This week, we have seen a different young girl again, the sound of her giggling on her phone to a friend was beautiful and when we’ve gone on our evening walks, she’s happily talked all about school, her new friends, teachers and what they’ve been doing in class. These after tea walk and talks started by accident when she was at her lowest and we’ve simply got in the routine of doing them that its become something we both enjoy. I am very aware it’s week 1 and there will be challenges but I am simply so relieved that its the weekend and we have a happy, chatty daughter who has loved her week back at school.

I received the response from my complaint to the Government Ombudsman

Still on the school theme, I received a draft of the conclusion from the Government Ombudsman regarding our complaints about the council’s handling of our son’s special education case. It took 18 very difficult and challenging months to find our son a place at a special school, its a system which is so stressful and nearly broke me (and this is my profession ,I know my stuff and knew they were doing it wrong) I had highlighted around 4 key complaints and the Ombudsman upheld each complaint and ruled that the Council’s SEN department was at fault on each one. Whilst, I didn’t want to take the case to the Ombudsman, I felt I was left with no choice. I only hope that by raising the case, the council will support other young people more effectively. Thanks to the complaint, I now have a pseudonym as the case must be published, I am Mrs X, just a little detail which has amused me more than it should have!

I got used to a new routine

With the children back at school and me only working 3 days, its time for a new routine. I hadn’t really thought how I wanted to spend my time, it all seemed a little unreal after having no time to myself in Lockdown. This week I focused on my running, upping my mileage and with no time constraints doing some routes I haven’t done for a while. This was a real bonus of the week and my highest weekly mileage and longest runs in years.

I tried a new style

With all my running and a new improved healthy diet, I have lost a lot of weight in lockdown. Indeed, so much that very few of my clothes fit me now, a problem I have never had before. I have had to make a few online purchases and decided to go out of my comfort zone with a denim dress from Phase Eight, pictured above. I was convinced it wouldn’t fit me and was amazed when it arrived that it did and that I liked how it looked. I wore it at the weekend when we had family visit and felt confident and stylish. Its a long time since I’ve felt like this about clothes, so perhaps this could be one of my new little projects.

I entertained family

On Saturday, my sister in law and her husband popped over to see us en-route to a break in their new Camper van. We had serious van envy, it was gorgeous and so well equipped and organised. We had a lovely time together and the hot, sunny weather meant we had an al fresco lunch in the garden and then just chilled there for the whole afternoon. They have recently moved and had a big tidy up and sort out, this meant that as their children have grown up and now left home, the children got all sorts of goodies, a Scaletrix set, clothes, stationery and a referee’s whistle which is going to get lost very soon! Since their visit, we have been busy having Scaletrix races, I love that its a Mini model car version, rather than sports cars, a Mini is definitely more me!

I picked blackberries

Picking blackberries is something that has become a bit of a tradition without us realising it. We always try to plan a lazy first weekend after the children go back to school, as they are normally tired. Over the past years, this has included us picking blackberries and baking and its something that the children look forward to, often commenting on the ripeness of the fruit on our walks in preceding weeks. We did it today and have a great harvest for the coming weeks. I’m sure there will be some blackberry themed bakes this week.

And finally

Well, we’ve done it, both of my children are happily back to school and its time for us all to adjust to our new normal. Amazingly, I have nothing in my diary for this week and hope to keep it a quiet and relaxed week. Its been a mentally draining fortnight, worrying about the children starting their new schools and all the logistics to the new routines.

Have a happy week.

My week .. the one with the harvest

So, we have had our final week all together as Little Man and I prepare to return to school next week, whilst Little Miss has an extra few days at home to enjoy. We have had 23 weeks together at home and this week was similar to the others, long walks, home baking, the skate park, Nintendo Switch, family games etc.. However , you can always find something special in the ordinary and here are our highlights from Week 23 of lockdown!

I have read (and listened) ..

Desert Islands Discs is not being broadcast at present but on my Sounds app, they are highlighting previous episodes. This week’s guest was the poet, Wendy Cope, someone I’ve always admired for her work. I still have my original well thumbed copies of Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis and Serious Concerns from my uni days, inscribed with my maiden name and in the beautiful Faber and Faber print. After listening to the episode, I ordered Family Values and have loved reading it. There is something hauntingly simple and honest about her work and her poems do stay with you. In Desert Island Discs her childhood was discussed and the sadness of it is reflected in some very personal pieces, Daily Help was a beautiful read. I also loved Christmas Ornaments, as I am that person who likes to pick up a new decoration on our summer holiday so our Christmas tree reflects happy times and memories. Sadly with this year’s cancelled holidays there are no new decorations yet, although I will definitely be buying a rainbow inspired decoration for 2020.

I have played ..

On Monday, Little Miss and Mr S went to visit Granddad again. They had planned to do some more gardening work for him but the weather was pretty poor so they simply enjoyed some time with him. This left little Man and I with a day together to plan. I asked him what did he want to do together and his wish was to teach me how to play Minecraft, something totally out of my comfort zone. However, I gave it a go and learnt a few moves and strategies. Little Man was a patient teacher, even when I knocked down part of his house in my enthusiasm but I think he prefers playing with his sister.

This week we have also had a few games of Monopoly on the wet afternoons, its a really good game for all of us to enjoy together. Lockdown has presented us with the time to do these long games on wet afternoons without feeling the need to be doing something more productive. Lockdown has taught us its okay to be in the moment.

I have made ..

Its been harvest time Chez Sparkles, as my gardening squad have been harvesting and tidying their garden patch, our neighbours and Grandad have also been harvesting so we’ve had a glut of home grown produce (and freshly lain eggs) Little Man and I baked a ginger and plum upside down cake, it was delicious, the flavours went very well together. Little Miss made stewed plums, which have become a favourite with a dollop of Greek yoghurt. I made a fresh tomato sauce for a pasta dish and have been recommended a beetroot pasta sauce by a neighbour. I love experimenting in the kitchen and we all know that home grown produce tastes so much better than any shop bought produce!

And finally

There is one more thing I would like to do before the holidays end. In previous school years, the children and I would always go down to the ice cream parlour after the first school day of school as our little treat. This year, both are taking school transport and will be home later so this won’t be possible :(. However my plan is to do this on the last day of the holidays instead. There is a new ice cream treat in town this year, ice cream waffle cones, who could resist?

Have a happy week.

My week .. the one with our 10th famiversary.

So what is a famiversary? Its our little family’s word for the day on which the children came to live with us, a day special to only us. The birth family don’t know the exact date of when the children left care to be welcomed into our family, so I feel its our exclusive day to celebrate. It also isn’t the day of the legal adoption which was a very uneventful day in our lives six months later, as the hearing is done in a closed court case. We did have a court appearance where we met the Judge who presided over the case and met up with our social workers and this was our celebration day, a month later. Our day in August is just for us and as it normally lands on holidays we always have a special little treat. As it was 10 years this year, I had started to make some plans at the beginning of the year, options included afternoon tea at the Ritz or a trip to Harry Potter world but sadly these have all been put on hold temporarily. Perhaps 11 is the new 10 for celebrating!

This week it did feel like we all had all seasons in a week, we went from a wet, stormy day to a hot day on the beach bathed in sunshine. Here are some of the things we did this week.

We celebrated our famiversary ..

On the day of our 10th famiversary, we went to the beach. It was the place we took the children on their first weekend with us (I remember a cold, damp day) but this year with bright sunshine it was the best place to go. Our bay is normally calm and gentle, but on this visit, the waves were incredible and they were definitely the highest we’ve ever played in, the children loved it! After a morning at the beach, we then chilled for the remainder of the day before enjoying a takeaway of everyone’s choice, an Indian for tea. A simple day, perhaps not quite what we had imagined, but it was spent together as our little family and that is all that matters.

We helped to celebrate a big birthday ..

My lovely cousin celebrated a big birthday on the same day as our famiversary. She is a special person in our family and has always been so kind and caring to us all so we were keen to join her in her celebration at the weekend. It was a very well organised with guests coming at different times of the day and Covid secure. We joined her for morning coffee and cake at the local airfield, which was a great spot and kept the children interested as the adults chatted. We took a picnic on the day too and then went to a local beauty spot along a river to eat and play, making it a lovely, relaxed day.

We played games ..

Wednesday was a very wet and miserable day and we had a little mini games tournament. Little Man bankrupted me and Little Miss and thrashed Mr S. in Monopoly, he was so chuffed! We also played my favourite Qwirkl, but again I was beaten by one of my children, they’re good at strategy! I am competitve when we play so for them, success is all the sweeter.

We spent a lot of time the skate park.

Little Man has become obsessed with his scooter and tricks this holiday and we have spent a lot of time at the local skate park, this week we even did two trips in one day! He’s seen the poster for a ‘jam’ next week, organised by a local charity and is practising very hard. He’s now at the age, when we’re not willing to leave him at the skate park alone, but he wants others to think he’s independent. Our compromise is that I sit on the grass opposite the ramps and read or walk around the park where I can keep eyes on him at all times. Its a compromise which is working well so far.

We bought school shoes.

I dread buying school shoes any year but this year the thought of a busy town centre, queues, wearing masks was just too much, however I came up with a plan. Little Man’s new school is in a small town which has a small Clark’s shoe shop. I decided to use the trip to time the journey from home to school so booked an appointment in advance on the website for 9am. The plan worked perfectly and we were the only customers in at 9am and were out with the purchased shoes before 9.15am. The organisation in the shop was seamless and its a plan I’ll definitely use again.

And finally

For Little Man, next week is the final week of the school holidays, as he goes back a week before our daughter (same local authority) and the same week as me. We are all ready and even though its a new school, he seems genuinely excited by the return to school. There will be a few final treats next week, it seems that it is simply not just the end of the summer holidays but also the end of a strange period of our lives as we’ve been home together since March 20th. Its been hard at times, but I think I’ll remember this period with fondness for the time we got to be together.

My week … the one with a heatwave

This week has an outdoorsy theme, with superb weather, its been a good week to explore. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten outside so much as this year, if we’re not out with a picnic, we’re in the garden for lunch or dinner. Whilst its been a heatwave, we’ve avoided the beach as it is so busy here at present, even busier than a ‘normal’ high season. However I do get up early and run along the beach to get my ‘vitamin sea’ and a little peace. Here are some of our adventures from our week.

I learnt how to survive in the wild.

On Monday, Little Miss and Mr S went to see Grandad so Little Man and I had a day out together. It was another activity in the local council’s summer scheme (which I still know little about) and this time was about surviving in the wild. With the weather forecast, I was worried about surviving in the heat, but whilst it was warm, the clouds made it bearable and it was perfect conditions for the day, spent at a lovely outdoor centre. By the time we got home, the clouds had broken and we enjoyed an incredibly hot spell in the paddling pool too. During the day we learnt how to make a fire, some local history, orienteering and map reading and building dens. We were in very small bubbles to help make the day Covid safe and Little Man made a new friend, both were well into the day and it was good to see him so happy and involved. We were able to get into another activity day on Thursday and Little Man’s new friend was there too.

I walked and ran a lot of miles.

On Wednesday with the whole family back together we took the bikes out. Its only the children who have bikes so we took them to the local forestry and we walked, as they cycled ahead, looped us etc.. We ended up with a 6 mile round route which we had found online, it was a lovely route and perfect for the morning’s ride. Fortunately a lot of the ride was under the shade of the trees so we managed to keep cool’ish’ in the heat and it kept us all quiet and resting in the afternoon.

I’ve also upped my running mileage this week, with an extra run and extra miles. I signed up for a 500 miles in a year challenge and had thought that it was now unachievable due to losing a few months in lockdown when we were only allowed out once a day to exercise and I did this with the children in the form of walks. However when I started to calculate my miles for the year, I realised that with a few extra weekly miles to what I’m doing at present (4 runs) I could achieve the 500 and am now focused on this. I have a Fitbit and this week I did my highest weekly number of steps.

I heard a lot of thunder

On Thursday, Little Man did another summer course, Mr S took him to it, whilst Little Miss and I tagged along to visit the local town. The town has a beautiful river and park, so we planned a walk and a little potter. I was also keen to see where the parkrun course was so I can run it one day. Thursdays was one of those days where a big storm seemed to be brewing and our walk was one of those really eerie journeys, the heat was stifling, but the sky was pretty dark and we kept hearing deep rumbling thunder without the heavy rain. It was so strange that there wasn’t an end to the weather with a big storm, just the stuttering’s of a start.

I had my eyebrows shaped.

Of all things, eye brow shaping was one of the last services to be allowed to reopen in beauty salons and with the announcement on Friday that they could be done again, I was quickly on the phone for an appointment on day 1. I tried plucking and waxing during lockdown but nothing beats an expert doing it. Its one of those little things which just make me feel neat and tidy.

I laughed at Fortunately

I do love a good podcast and with doing lots of miles this week, I’ve been listening to lots. Fortunately was on top form this week and a description of a lockdown rucksack had me giggling. When the podcast finished it went straight to the latest I hadn’t listened to, which started with a description of a trip to Ikea. I was listening to it in quiet disbelief, it was only part way through that I realised that I was listening to a 2 year old episode and just showed how much our lives have changed in the past 6 months.

And finally

We are living in this strange limbo of lockdown, more and more is opening and life feels it is getting back to normal and then suddenly people returning from some European countries are put in quarantine for two weeks. Our decision to cancel our holiday is a relief and we are probably having our most healthy and fittest summer holiday ever. However, I do miss those lazy days on a sun lounger with a cocktail and a good book.

My week – the one in which we reached 100 days in lockdown.

So this week we reached 100 days in lockdown, something that seems so surreal. I feel this week that we are beginning to look forward. The schools information was published this week and although school will be different, it looks like everyone is going back full time, which was confirmed by letters from both the children’s schools. Yesterday saw the reopening of hairdressers, pubs, cafes, cinemas, hotels etc.. although all now have very different hygiene routines with the focus on social distancing. When I went for my run at 6.30am yesterday, the local barbers, was not only open but full with customers and had a queue outside, strange times.

I have sorted

This week I have been arranging plans for the new schools. I have sorted old uniforms for donation to the PTA, ordered new uniform and started to organise the leaving gifts. This is hard, Little Man has had the same 1:1 TA for 7 years, how can you even begin to thank someone for taking care and teaching your son so much, she seems like family. On the last day pre lockdown, we both were blinking back tears as we realised this might be the last ever handover. Fortunately, we are going in to a pre-arranged socially distanced good bye with his key staff next week and I am practising holding back the tears.

I have treated myself

I have bought little for myself in the lockdown, but I kept on seeing the same sundress on my Instagram feed from Joanie Clothing and loved it, its so different to my normal ‘uniform’ I did the 24 hour wait to see if I really wanted it, but when I realised I was obsessively thinking about the dress, I treated myself as an early birthday present. The dress had arrived and it is gorgeous, the print is fantastic. I’ve tried it on and twirled around but am keeping it for its debut at a picnic this week.

I have watched ..

We have discovered the Agatha Raisin comedy crime drama in the past fortnight on Sky. It is the perfect 9pm viewing, with lots of famous cameos, its a bit like Death in Paradise but in the Cotswolds. I need light and easy viewing at present.

Next week is an exciting week, we have plans, yes entries in my diary. Little Man is visiting his new school and saying goodbye to his old staff, I’m having my hair done (it so needs it), meeting friends for an al fresco BYO meet up and seeing my parents for a socially distanced picnic. I am excited but there is a sense of feeling a little over whelmed too. Its going from 0 to 100 again and I have enjoyed the more relaxing pace of life.