Since 2018, I have been following Gretchen Rubin’s #18fror2018, #19for2019 etc.. a list of things to achieve during the year as detailed on her podcast, Happier. I have never achieved all my goals and would never put myself under pressure to do so, its a fun list, of things I would like to do and gives a nice focus to the year. I do have a hand written copy in my notebook which has lots of detail, writing in different colours and doodles but as it includes more personal information I have not photographed it and am simply noting down my list here. This year, following suggestions on the pod I have organised the list into themes.


  • Fill our home with more fresh flowers.
  • Create an indoor plant sanctuary.
  • Sparkle with more Christmas lights
  • Do a weekly power hour of fadmin (family admin)


  • Wear pretty shoes (after a successful foot operation, I want to wear more than Converse pumps and trainers!)
  • Try a different style or item of clothing which I would never normally wear.


  • Visit different gardens and delight in multi sensory experiences.
  • Go to the Fashion museum.
  • Run at 5 different parkrun venues.
  • Be a tourist in London with my son. (a Covid casualty for the past two years)
  • Relax at the spa on as many occasions as possible!


  • Use independent businesses where possible.
  • Do something for others.


  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Only scroll on social media for 30 minutes a day.
  • Secure a new job.
  • Earn the parkrun red t-shirt. (Finally, after a 16 month Covid pause and a 2 month post op recovery)
  • Run a half marathon.
  • Celebrate the little things every day by writing a line a day.


  • Print off and bind my blog entries from 2014.
  • Discover a new podcast.
  • Have fun ( after the past few Covid years, we need fun and lots of it!)

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