My week … the one with more rest and recovery

During this week, I reached the 3 week post operation date, the minimum period for recovery which was advised as being between 3 – 6 weeks. This meant that I am back upstairs in our room again, I returned to work onsite on Friday, albeit that Mr S dropped me off and picked me up and both days this weekend, I’ve gone for longer walks. Today’s was 2.5 miles so I have the confidence to walk to work as from tomorrow, which is around a mile each way. It was so good to walk along the seafront yesterday, it actually seemed a little milder than the days preceding my operation and it’s always lovely to have the winter sun on your face.

I did have a setback last Sunday and Monday when I really felt quite poorly, I’m not sure if it was related to the recovery or just a really bad migraine, but I struggled. On the upside, it strengthened my determination to get better as soon as I could. There’s a lot in my diary for the coming weeks and I’m keen to participate, thus, walking and driving are key things to practice. I’ve not attempted any driving yet as I need to be able to wear a shoe and I’m still in my boot. I did buy some new trainers this week (online, not shopping IRL yet) but I couldn’t wear them, they were too narrow. However its not a brand I normally wear so I’m hoping this was the problem as I naturally have a wide fit. I have another couple of pairs of trainers coming through this week, so fingers crossed for a good fit.

Mr S has a new temporary part time job, which is a very early start so 3 evenings a week he’s in bed by 8.30pm and I have the tv gadget. We have quite different tastes so I like having my choices. This week I finished Show Trial, I liked it and felt drawn in by the characters, the lead character is so awful that you can’t warm to her but as her story comes through, you understand her better. What was interesting in the series was that no one knew what happened in the murder incident, the viewer has the same information as the police, there is no use of flashback and whilst you get the jury result, the doubt remains.

I was also keen to watch the new Sky film, The Colour Room on the early career of Clarice Cliff, the ceramic artist. I am a fan of her work, her use of colour is stunning and fun. Its a really good film and perfect for a cosy Friday night in.

This week, I also finished the book Writers and Lovers. It is a slow burner but I am pleased that I continued as it has a strong ending and from around half way through I couldn’t put it down. In reading reviews of the book, I noticed that Lily King’s previous work, Euphoria has rave reviews so I may add this to my to be read pile. I am now going to start a Christmas reading journey. Last year, I didn’t get the chance to read much fiction or watch Christmassy themed films as I was busy with my Uni deadline and promised myself that year I would make up for it!

Christmas is a big theme at present, I like to get as organised as possible, so I did the final edits and ordered our Christmas cards this week from a design by my daughter. Over the past few years, I have started to do our own cards and its become a highlight of the prep, as the feedback has been so lovely from friends and family. Its a penguin theme this year and I love it, its so cute. The service with the cards was excellent, I ordered on Wednesday and received the cards and a canvas by Saturday morning. My aim now is to do a few cards a night, as I do like to write a personal message in all.

Its a busy week next week, although I no longer need to go to Birmingham for a work event which would have been a few days away. This is a relief although its been covered by other work matters and I’ll be doing some unavoidable overtime. I’m hoping by the end of the week, I’ll be able to do some short, local drives which will help family life and take some pressure off Mr S.


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