My week … the one with a birthday

Week 3 of my recovery and I think I’m beginning to hibernate. As someone who used to like to be outside, I’m definitely developing a new need to be inside, warm and cosy at present. I’ll take this as I recover, but I think I’ll need to be quite disciplined in the next few weeks. I did go on one trip out this week to the clinic and had another layer of dressing and bandages removed. The photo was taken in between dressing when I was trying to compare swelling and foot sizes. I’m still not in shoes, but using my trusty boot. I have been doing my foot exercises thrice daily, they’re a bit painful but I’m hoping this is a good sign. I have also started to walk up and down stairs (down is definitely trickier) and am planning tonight as the last in my downstairs bedroom before returning to my big, comfy bed.

Given that I am house bound, we did very little on Halloween, I did a fancy platter of some sweet treats (the milky ghost from M&S are yummy) and we watched a film. It was a pretty horrible, wet and windy day so everyone was quite agreeable to the plan. I also had a box of chocolates to share as the day before, my daughter’s boyfriend had brought me some flowers and chocolates as a get well gift. I was so impressed by his kindness and thoughtfulness.

On Monday, I went back to work, well I worked from home. Throughout the pandemic I have been onsite for every single working day, so working from home is a novelty. I was amazed how productive I was, the nature of my role means my phone goes pretty much constantly and we always have visitors to our office, so without distraction, I got a lot done. However then I wanted to try and do even more and take the pressure off my colleague in our office and I ended up working a lot of extra hours during the week. Like many jobs, I’m not sure I even scratched the surface of work needing to be done, it is relentless at present. My colleague and I have both been reading Fewer Things Better by Angela Watson. It is a great book and now the challenge is to apply our new found knowledge to our working lives.

This week also saw Mr S birthday. Now I had been super organised, pre operation, so there was very little to be done on the day apart from making a lightbox message and blowing up a few balloons. I did offer to buy a take away for his birthday tea bit we just had Mr S favourite home cooked meal and enjoyed his birthday cake. Its always a Christmas cake as this is his favourite and fortunately its a good time of year to be able to buy them!

Birthdays and special occasions have now paused after a busy few weeks so its that pre Christmas period. I do love Christmas but need to wait for a few more weeks before I can start to get really excited about it. My daughter and I are Christmas shopping on her Inset day on the 26th so I think this will be our start to the season. I’m still at home working next week, although I’m going to try and work onsite on Friday before returning properly the following week.


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