This week I have …

It’s a quick catch up this week. I had a nagging headache at the weekend and couldn’t be near a computer screen. I was able to make a few notes so I wouldn’t have one week merge into another.

I read …

My theme for this year is Vision. The word of the year is another Gretchen Ruben idea, more of her work later. I read this book to try develop the theme but its something which probably would have best been as an article. The concept is great but the book is a little prescriptive and talks about the need for a facilitator etc.. A little bit too complicated and intense a project for me at present.

I made …

Pancakes! I enjoy Shrove Tuesday and with work and home, I make lots of pancakes. When the children were little and before they started school, we would have pancakes for breakfast. I imagine it was a leisurely and relaxed activity, however it is one of those things you start and has now developed into a family tradition, pancakes for breakfast. It’s a mad and busy start to the school day but the children get dressed quickly with the promise of pancakes and it’s fun. Mr S leaves early so missed his breakfast pancake but was our chef for more pancakes in the evening.

I played …

February was a month of storms, Ciara, Dennis and Jorge and with them falling at the weekends, we have needed indoor activities to keep us busy. Our local sports centre does a great offer on Sundays, racket sports for £1 per person and we have been playing together as a family, a combination of single and double matches. The children are at a great age when we can play together in competitive games and badminton is becoming a family favourite.

I listened

I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy Gretchen. Rubin’s Happier podcasts and this week was a special treat as for the 5th anniversary of the podcast the original was broadcast alongside this week’s episode.

As I said it’s just a quick catch up this post. It was a fairly quiet and homely week. Let’s hope the weather brightens and the upcoming weeks bring more outdoor adventures.


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