Welcome March

I’m not quite sure what to expect this month. It’s one of those rare months when there’s no school holidays so it’s a month of routines. At school there is an eco theme this month, our town is participating in a tree planting project and a tree is being planted for every child in the town. There are eco days in both schools to celebrate this project and the children and members of the community are working together on the planting.

It’s March so it’s World Book day. There are special book events planned at the primary school and I think I’ve got the costume sorted for Little Man. I’m taking it’s not a thing at secondary unless Little Miss has forgotten to pass on the message (Can you believe that she twice forgot to pass on the message that I had won the ice cream prize, large tubs of amazing local, artisan ice cream in the school raffle) I have collected my prize now and we are so enjoying the ice cream”!

There are no big events this month but I would like to spend lots of our free time outside. After the incessant storms and rain in February we need to get some sunshine on our faces. I need to run 30 miles by the 22nd to achieve my 100mile winter challenge. The storms seriously affected my mileage in February.

Our other big theme this month is the continuing battle for a special school place. The local authority have to put in their evidence to Tribunal during the month and then we need to add ours too. This is such a stressful time.

It’s unusual to have such a quiet month but months rarely stay quiet and I’m sure the dairy will be filled up quickly. However at present it’s a month which we will flow as needs be.


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