This week I …

So this week I got wet and windswept! Not the best weather for a half term break but we adjusted our plans and ended up doing some great things we might not have necessarily done in fair weather.

We were joined this week by a lovely old friend who came to stay for a few days. She is the most special person and just exudes positivity and calm. I love having her around, it feels like she’s our family’s Mary Poppins, supporting us all. She definitely helped add a sparkle to our week.

Here are some of our highlights of the week …

I read …

Sophie Kinsella’s book Surprise Me was perfect holiday reading. I’ve enjoyed her work for many years with strong female leads resolving everyday challenges. I really liked how the lead female developed over the story and it was an empowering ending.

I listened …

I’m a huge Desert Island Discs fan and this was one of the best episodes I’ve listened to. Ian Wright’s story is different to what you expect, a personal history of loss, domestic violence, an inspirational teacher, overcoming the odds etc… It’s sad (tissues needed) but inspiring and uplifting.

I also watched the final episode of Cold Feet and they finished on a high with a brilliant song The Female of the Species by Space. In the late 90s I loved this song so much I bought the CD and played it on repeat. For those original Cold Feet fans (I was one) in the 90s, it was the first theme tune and the neat use of the song to end the series was pure class.

I made …

Last weekend I created a Valentines dessert for a special meal. I was trying for macarons but they ended up more like almond meringues with a white chocolate cream filling, delicious.

With a visitor I’ve also made a special effort with meals, some warming soups, a casserole and a risotto. I enjoy cooking for others and it’s a pleasure to sit around the table, to talk and laugh over good food.

As well as my efforts this week, Little Miss made some gorgeous peanut butter and chocolate brownies. When we were at a National Trust site on Wednesday we were given the recipe flyer and she was keen to give them a go, with a wet and windy afternoon it was the perfect opportunity to bake.

I played …

Thanks to a gift from our visitor we have discovered Qwirkle this week. It’s a great game of strategy with colours and shapes and strangely addictive. Again a great indoor activity for a wet half term.

I explored …

In a wet and windy week (mmm I think I’ve mentioned that a few times now) we needed to look for more indoor activities. The children have been to an indoor Wipeout inflatable session and a wet inflatable activity at the local pool. We also visited some local museums. In one we followed a lava lamp trail as the lava lamp was invented in a local town and we discovered how they work and got to chill in a lava lamp sensory area. I’m so tempted to buy one, it’s relaxing just looking at the way the wax (or globule as I learnt the technical term) moves in the lamp.

The children also visited a pottery and painted their own animal models, this was a surprisingly good activity for them both and they really focused and concentrated carefully on their task.

And finally …

It’s back to school for Little Miss and I on Monday whilst the boys have an extra day. I think a trip to the cinema is planned as we didn’t manage to get there this week. Little Man wants to see Sonic the Hedgehog and I’m happy to pass that to Mr S. It’s pancake day next week and a little eco challenge for Weds when I have to send in a packed lunch with no plastic wrapping.

Have a happy week.


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