#20for2020, No.2 Have my rings resized.

My #20for2020 is an eclectic list of things to do this year, some are simple and brief, others are a whole year’s project. Some will positively impact my health and therefore ‘serious’ others are just for fun.

Today I went and collected my resized wedding and engagement rings from the jewellers and got to tick off my second item from this year’s list.

The rings were on my list as it’s something I’ve been meaning to do for years but never quite managed to organise. Seven years ago I had an accident at work and attended hospital where the rings had to be removed. For a few months after, my hand was bandaged and healing so the immediate need to have them done wasn’t there. I didn’t know if the accident would have lasting damage or if I would be able to wear the rings again so I simply put them away for safe keeping. I’ve thought about having them done in recent years but thought it would be expensive and complicated. In fact it was one of those things which was simple and much cheaper than I had budgeted for! I popped into our local jeweller, tried on the sizing rings and one week later my rings were ready to sparkle on my finger again.

I do love the simplicity of my rings. Mr S and I chose both rings together, the engagement ring in December 2000 and the wedding ring in the summer of 2003. Mr S no longer has his wedding ring as it got lost one day when he was potting in the garden! I don’t mind this and actually didn’t feel any less married when I wasn’t wearing mine. However now I’ve got them back. they do remind me of nice times and special people.

So that’s 2 items on my #20for2020 down, 18 to go, of which 8 are in progress. I do enjoy this challenge!


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