My week … the one with a night out.

Another week, another blogpost and each word written at present is a positive for me. I am writing this post on Sunday afternoon and I’m definitely feeling the missing hour from the clocks springing forward. Fortunately it is the last week of term next week, and with Friday being an Inset day, it feels shorter too. However, from experience, you always think Inset is going to be a more relaxed and easier day than it actually is. I’m at the nice part of the term now where I am filling my diary with lots of nice little things for the next two holiday weeks, my holidays are such a bonus of my working life.

This week, I had a lovely coincidence at work, where I was supporting some of the members of my class at a dodgeball tournament in which my son and his school were also competing. I got to see him and cheer on both schools, in the crunch match of my school against his, I supported everyone! My son’s team did very well although ironically our school’s only win came against his school. The key game was of course, teachers v students and my school got paired up with my son’s school, so the perfect opportunity to strike everyone. I was very competitive and may have ached a few days after. Most importantly, it was lots of fun and coupled with a couple of other activities I did this week in class, it made me reflect on my poor wellbeing in my old school in comparison to the fun and laughter which I am helping to create now.

On Friday night, I went out for dinner with some old friends, we used to work together, although since we have all left, it is now a genuine friendship rather than a professional connection. This group has helped us all to reflect and slowly recover from our previous toxic work environment, and these days our chats are about our lives and families and full of positivity. As we all come from different directions, we met enroute home from work at 5.30 and eventually left when the pub closed, that’s a very good night out. Sadly there was no lie in on Saturday morning as the taxi service was required! We dropped off our daughter for a date with her boyfriend in the big town and we took our son for a game of crazy golf and lunch out as its too far away to return home. As the children get older, weekend days are busier and we are driving many more miles.

This week, we have finished the Netflix series, Outer Banks, season three, which I found to be better then the previous two, it was more about character development than chases and shootings. I was excited to read that Mrs Maisel is back on in mid April, I don’t watch much television but do enjoy a good series such as Mrs Maisel or Ted Lasso. I also manged to read Carrie Soto is back, another excellent read from Taylor Jenkins Reid. I have seen that Daisy and the Six is a new series on Amazon, however I’m not sure how you could improve the book and think it may be best to keep the characters of my imagination rather than identify them through actors.

Its been a pretty grey and wet week and last Sunday afternoon, I took the time to do some financial admin, checking my pension, looking at accounts etc.. It has given me clarity on my retirement, I hope to retire at 60 and take some adventures with Mr S whilst we are still fit and able. Its still 10 years away but I’m at the age where I needed clarity and purpose. I’m also pretty chuffed at myself this week, for sorting out lots of little admin jobs, cancelling subscriptions, sorting a MOT etc.. I do like the feeling of being organised and efficient.

This week is busy with Easter at work, we’re creating some gorgeous craft items for a fayre and I’m sure there will be lots of chocolate. I also have another Meet the Author online event, this week its Libby Page, I was gifted her book ‘The Lido’ and have followed her since. Its a free event through my library membership and I’m excited to hear about her new book which is set in a vintage shop. I’m hoping for some spring sunshine to set the mood for starting our Easter holiday, which is beginning for us with a few days away in Portsmouth.


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