My weeks … with a few too many tough times.

Sometimes, life just doesn’t work out how we would like it to and I’m feeling a bit sad at present. Its not one thing, just a perfect storm at home of teenage angst, sibling rivalry and jealousy and whilst I try to compartmentalise my life, work is pretty horrible too. I am looking for a new job but working in such a niche position means that this is challenging. I did have an interview this week but despite positive feedback was told that I needed a greater breadth of experience in my field. I am finding that looking for a job is very time consuming, preparing a stand out application form and then all the work to prepare for the interview. I am still a bit bruised from my experience last week and have another interview tomorrow. However, Mr S is really good at not only comforting me but offering a sense of perspective and encouragement and I feel ready for the next interview.

It was pancake this past fortnight and for the first time ever, I had a total fail at pancakes. I have no idea what happened, I make them as a treat throughout the year and have never had a problem, yet this Shrove Tuesday, they stuck to the pan (regardless of the quantity of oil) It just seemed to sum up my week, but in fairness we all laughed it off and I’ve promised to practice again soon.

With all the focus on work, there’s not been much time for other things. I have been burning my fancy candle to enjoy little pleasures on challenging days. I have escaped into books, I’ve never seen the film Wonder, and was keen to read the story which was wonderful, a five star read. I’m around half way through The Light We Lost, which is very readable. I’m finding that I don’t have the desire to sit through any of the gritty dramas or thrillers on tv at present, the one programme I am watching is The Marvellous Mrs Maisel, I love the fashion and style of the drama which is full of brilliant characters.

When things get you down its always good to recognise the nice bits in life. On my way to school one morning this week, I saw a group of women in the sea jumping the waves, their laughter filled the bay and their happiness was infectious. I also took the children to the swimming pool as they were keen to return to the inflatables they had done in the half term and their enjoyment helped me too. I did miss parkrun one Saturday but returned this week, the best prescription for a tough week. One of the presenters of my favourite podcast, With Me Now had visited one of our local parkruns and I really enjoyed listening to the podcast as his report did reflect its great setting and friendly feel. Its a big week for me running wise next week, a secret venue on Saturday and then my first half marathon race for well over a decade on Sunday. I think my time as a 48 year old won’t quite reflect my PB as a 36 year old but my aim is to run every step and enjoy it. Given all the issues I had with my foot, I am so pleased to be able to even start a half marathon 5 months after my operation.

I am hoping for a good week, fingers crossed everything works out.


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