My week … the one with half term.

If I was to create a chart of school holidays, I’m afraid February half term would be at the bottom. The weather’s a bit grey and dreary, outside activities are subject to the changing elements and there’s no big event to celebrate. However it is also a much needed holiday and as this past half term has been tough, it was appreciated.

I feel I completed half term bingo this week. During the last half term in October, I was recovering from my operation and house bound and Christmas was all about keeping Covid safe so we could visit family. This meant that this holiday became about doing things and having fun. There have been lots of missed trips due to the pandemic over the past two years and it was good to catch up.

At the start of the week, my daughter spent two nights with her aunt, so my son and I enjoyed ten pin bowling and the cinema. I much prefer the new set up at the bowling with individual booths and balls. In addition to the bowling, we also played in the arcade, its a not a trip to an arcade without a game of air hockey. At the cinema, we saw Unchartered an Indiana Jones type film which was fun and pure escapism. En route to pick up my daughter, we stopped at a military museum for my son as this is his big interest. It was interesting although given the Russian invasion of Ukraine this week, it did make you wonder what history has taught us all about democracy. It is a very worrying time at present and one hopes that given the universal condemnation and sanctions on Russia that the conflict may be quickly resolved, however I fear not. One of the exhibits at the museum was Hitler’s desk, a strange addition to the museum but it actually made me stone cold and quite sick realising what documents could have been signed there. It was also difficult not to make comparisons between Hitler and Putin. The children have both been asking questions about Ukraine and I’ve been answering as honestly as I can, I’m impressed by their analysis and opinions of the conflict.

With us all back together on Wednesday, we went out to play crazy golf, with a pirate theme. It was great fun and I won! My son and I have an ongoing competition and my win meant I only trail 3-2 now. The children also did an inflatable session at the swimming pool. I did enjoy the inflatables as after lots of driving and doing the activities, I got a little time to myself. I had a lovely cake and coffee and sat with my new book, Rachel Again by Marian Keyes watching the children play from the café window. The book was brilliant, I finished it in tears but was really happy with the ending. There was a personal history to one of the themes in the book and whilst I was sad reading it, it actually left me with a sense of calm and peace.

On Friday, we went to the artificial ski slope for ringos, big tyres which you sit in and slide down the slopes. The ringos at the artificial ski slope were very well received and the children are now keen to return to try snow boarding too. The morning at the ski slope was stunning with bright blue skies and warm sunshine, such a change to the previous week’s storms.

Whilst there was not much time to myself this week, I genuinely treasure this busy half term because as my two are both nearly teenagers there may not be be the opportunity to have half terms like this in future years. However, I did manage to put aside a few hours to do my half marathon training long run of over 12 miles, I was relieved and now believe that I can do the half on March 20th, I’m still full of nerves though! I did my parkrun on Saturday and was privileged to meet the founder of parkrun, Paul Sinton Hewitt who was running at my local parkrun. I am quite shy but did go up and thank him, he was lovely.

Its back to school tomorrow for all three of us who are at school. I have a lot happening professionally and personally in the next few weeks but am pretty organised and ready. I do appreciate the half term week for the chance to have some fun but also plan ahead.


One thought on “My week … the one with half term.

  1. Sounds like you packed a lot in! I had covid so it was very quiet and lazy in our household; lots of Lego, TV, games and books. Hopefully we’ll be as active as you during the Easter holidays!

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