My week…

Sometimes weeks are just a little quiet and ordinary. This was one of those weeks, nothing special to report just the humdrum of family life. It was World Book day this week, Little Man went as a soldier and took in his favourite non fiction book on World War 2 but it was strange with not having to find Little Miss a costume too. The difference between primary and secondary seem marked at times and it makes me a little sad.

I read

With a quiet week I spent lots of time reading. The weather was so awful on my day off it would have been rude not to cuddle up under my duvet for a cheeky read. I read two brilliant books and found it difficult to put them both down.

Running Up that Hill by Vassos Alexander is a book on ultra running. I’m never going to run an ultra marathon but I do trail run and there are great interviews with ultra athletes, of whom a fair few are women too! I enjoyed the race reports too and found myself willing on the participants. 5⭐️

The Girl you Used to Know was such a surprisingly good read. I had no idea of the book , to be perfectly honest it was a Kindle deal of the day and I liked the cover! As soon as I started to read it, I realised that whilst not explicit the main female character was autistic. I teach young people on the autistic spectrum and it was so good to see a positive storyline. It was a 5 star read until the final few chapters, a clumsy, contrived ending which wasn’t really needed. 4.5⭐️

I watched …

I started to watch the new Dawn French series, The Trouble with Maggie Cole. It is set in a small seaside town and it did make me smile with some of the comments. For example one of the characters asked if everyone knew everyone in the town with the reply being if you don’t know someone then someone else will. It’s definitely true! It’s cosy television for a weekday night, an amusing script, familiar actors and beautiful scenery.

I wore …

I love my new bag and this colour is becoming my go to colour. It’s the perfect accessory , big enough for essentials and small enough to be able to carry easily and casually.

I won …

Just one final category this week as I found out that I had won a prize in a school raffle, some very posh and delicious tubs of local artisan ice cream. It was very well received by us all!


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