This week …

After a busy weekend it was back to normal for the week before a much needed half term. We’re all a little tired and in need of some lazy moments next week.

This week I had a meeting with some important people from the education department with regards to Little Man’s special school place. They were very nice people and it was a very nice meeting but there’s no resolution, yet.

This week, I have …

This week I have finished two books. One fiction, the other non fiction. I liked the ideas in The Art of Making Memories and it is full of beautiful images and some nice anecdotes. However for sensory ideas and a holistic approach to daily life, Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach remains my go to book. Dear Evan Hansen is a YA book, as my daughter gets older I am reading more of the genre to try and know the type of books she may be reading. I liked the book, it starts with a suicide but is a story of loneliness and being your true self.

After last week’s school play I’ve been listening to the Fame musical soundtrack. Bring on tomorrow is my favourite track and was sung so strongly and with such feeling, a real anthem for the young performers.

In cubs the parents are asked to volunteer one session a term and for me it was this week and a trip to the local fire station. Little Man wants to be a firefighter when he’s older and was in his element for the visit. It was so cool, we learnt how to use heat sensor cameras, move safely around a dark room and try different hoses. Some firefighters also showed us how they can use the power tools on their engines. It was a really interesting visit and a great one to volunteer for.

I’m trying hard to use more recyclable materials and in wrapping Mr S’ valentines gift, I used brown paper for this reason. However to brighten the package and make it more personal I added a few scribbles, key dates in our life together. I’m not artistic but I like the sentiment behind the doodles.

Little Miss is going through another tough time, but I was pleased to see her wearing a badge I had popped into her Christmas stocking. I think it’s beautiful and just what she needs to know at the moment.


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