#19for19 – Walk an average of 12k steps a day

When I created my 19for19, there were some items which would take an hour or two to complete some medium term plans and this task a whole year, to walk on average 12k steps a day in 2019.

I love my Fitbit and it certainly has encouraged me to be more active so I decided to up my fitness levels further and set a target of 12k steps a day, when previously the 10k figure had been my target. I chose an average because there are some days when you are sick, or travelling or at an all day conference for work and 10k just isn’t attainable. I worked hard on this target and there were many days when I did an evening walk in all kinds of weather to boost the steps. My highest daily steps was 26k my lowest 250 (bed ridden with a bug) The 13k steps means on average I have walked (or run) around 5.5 miles a day. I am proud that I stuck to this challenge and achieved it, the screenshot was taken at 11pm on 31.12.19 to give an accurate picture.

I am not going to up my steps again this year, i have different fitness targets I would like to work towards. However, It’s good to know that I achieved my target this year and developed some healthy habits too.


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