My #19for19 reviewed


1. Bake a meringue.  Done on a variety of occasions. Meringues, Baked Alaska etc..  The recipes were much easier than expected.

2. Have some nail art for the holidays.  Completed.  I have discovered a nail bar in town and now am having my nails down regularly, currently I have navy sparkles on my nails.

3. Prepare a cub camp blanket.  I did this in time for Little Man’s first camp of 2019 sewing on his old Beaver badges to his cub blanket.  He used it on all three camps this year.

4. Be competitive in a sport.  Oh wow, this was definitely my biggest accomplishment this year.  I got serious about my running and joined the park run community.  Initially I was planning one run a month to monitor time, but having started in May, I find my total is already standing at 17 and I’m planning new park run adventures.  Best of all, Little Miss has joined my running hobby and managed 12 park runs too.  I also did the 100 miles of summer challenge and am currently working on the 100 miles of winter.

5. Use more essential oils.  Yes to this one too.  I have a lovely new diffuser and have researched and used a variety of oils.

6. Oh this was difficult and not achieved.  I’ve read plenty this year, but I think at the start I chose the wrong classic books which took too much focus and commitment.  I decided I really wanted to read for fun.  It’s been a serious year and I need a little light relief in my reading.

7. I’m a tea drinker and this has been a great item to tick off.

8. This was great fun, I did so many playlists and discovered some new music and old favourites in my creations.

9. Another item ticked off, and I’m still wearing my Charlotte Tilbury make up.

10. Done.

11. So very proud of this achievement, I’m still two days away and will write a separate post but my annual average of today is 13100, well over my 12k target.

12. Sadly for the second year in a row I didn’t manage this, 3rd time lucky?  I did try to do this but dates got complicated.

13. I tried a few new perfumes but nothing was perfectly me, I’ll continue on my quest.

14. Completed.

15. I was thwarted by a migraine on my first planned visit and then by a refurbishment on my second try, definitely on my list for next year.

16. Completed.

17. This year our local Santa run became a Frosty 5k and Little Miss and I signed up for it in December.  Due to v bad weather it’s been postponed to January, so the intention is there and we’re looking forward to it next weekend.

18. I have loved this challenge.  I’ve bought more flowers and learnt bout more varieties. One to continue.

19. Completed.


So given that I will finish my year steps challenge and do the run next weekend, I think that this year I have achieved 15 of my #19.  I’m proud of this and love the distraction of the project.  Of course, I have drafted my 20 for 2020, I love challenge or two.  



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