#19for19 – Walk an average of 12k steps a day

When I created my 19for19, there were some items which would take an hour or two to complete some medium term plans and this task a whole year, to walk on average 12k steps a day in 2019.

I love my Fitbit and it certainly has encouraged me to be more active so I decided to up my fitness levels further and set a target of 12k steps a day, when previously the 10k figure had been my target. I chose an average because there are some days when you are sick, or travelling or at an all day conference for work and 10k just isn’t attainable. I worked hard on this target and there were many days when I did an evening walk in all kinds of weather to boost the steps. My highest daily steps was 26k my lowest 250 (bed ridden with a bug) The 13k steps means on average I have walked (or run) around 5.5 miles a day. I am proud that I stuck to this challenge and achieved it, the screenshot was taken at 11pm on 31.12.19 to give an accurate picture.

I am not going to up my steps again this year, i have different fitness targets I would like to work towards. However, It’s good to know that I achieved my target this year and developed some healthy habits too.


#19for2019 No.19 Carve a Pumpkin 🎃

Whilst this is my number 19 on my list, it’s not my last done as many of my 19 are works in progress. This was a quick win too, unlike my annual 12k daily steps average quest this was a simple hour long task, I was just waiting for the correct date, October 31st, Halloween.

For the last few years since the children have been able to carve their pumpkins independently, I’ve missed the fun, so I decided to do my own this year. I chose a simple idea, a design themed on day of the dead 💀. Normally we have a few days build up to Halloween with decorations and spooky activities planned during half term, however as we were away all the activities were done for October 31st. We decorated in the morning, did a haunted walk in the nature reserve in the afternoon and carved the pumpkins in the evening. I do like the anticipation and build up to special events but given our busy week it was the perfect scenario for this week.

I enjoyed carving the pumpkin, listening to some spooky music and being a little creative. It’s another #19for2019 ticked off but definitely one to keep up in future years.

#19for2019, no. 10 Wear my Watermelon 🍉 skirt.

Wear my watermelon skirt sounds like a very easy task, but it required hard work! This skirt has been sitting in my wardrobe since I bought it about 5 years ago (and still remains one of my best bargains, ever) I loved it and promised myself I would be slim enough to wear it next summer, fast forward 5 years and I finally got to twirl around in this gorgeous skirt this summer.

Late in 2018 I realised I had to take control of my weight as it had slowly increased and with a size 16 becoming too tight I couldn’t go to an 18. I was also feeling uncomfortable, frumpy and big. I’ve worked hard this year, joining ww and taking up running again and now my size 12 skirt fits but most importantly I feel more myself and living the life I want to. This skirt is a symbol of the happy and healthy me.

#19for2019 : No. 9, Have a Makeover.

Whilst I haven’t written many updates I’m happily working on my #19for2019 and have many in progress tasks. However during the summer holidays I was able to tick off number 9, have a makeover.

I chose this task as over the past few years I have become more and more aware of ethical and environmental effects of my make up. Last year one of my successes of my #18for2018 was to have a cruelty free make up bag and this included boycotting those companies who promoted cruelty free but then sold in China where all products are tested on animals in compulsory state tests. I have found some great brands but I did miss the high quality make up and glitz of the glam make up counters and wanted an opportunity to refresh my look.

After research I discovered that the ethics of Charlotte Tilbury matched mine and they were on my list to try. Unfortunately CT make up is only stocked in their own shops in London or at John Lewis and being an expensive buy I really wanted to see and test it rather than buying online. Fortunately my parents live near a John Lewis and after some careful planning on a recent visit my parents took the children to the trampoline park after we had done the dreaded school shoe shop (and it was grim!) and I had the opportunity to book in for a makeover at Charlotte Tilbury in John Lewis. It was a wonderful hour, the make up artist (and she was so good, sales assistant wouldn’t describe her skill and knowledge) listened to what look I wanted, a very natural, relaxed look with my eyes being my favourite feature. She gave fantastic advice on application, handy little hints and most importantly gave me the confidence to replicate the simple look at home. I learnt lots about the products and have a list of special little treats which I hope to add to my Christmas list. The makeover was perfect, minimal with fantastic eyes. The makeover is £35 but this is refunded against any purchase so it was a ‘free’ experience. I did buy a few items and love using them daily, they create a look I adore.

#19for2019, 2 down, 17 to go …

It’s always nice to be able to tick off items on a list (or is that just me?) My #19for2019 includes some activities which I’ll work on over the year but others which I can quickly tick off. So far in the first six weeks of the year I’ve managed to tick off 1 and 3, bake a meringue and prepare a cub blanket for my son.

I used this meringue recipe from BBC Good Food which is my go to foodie website and it worked perfectly.


I chose a meringue as I wanted to try a new technical challenge. The meringues were that beautiful mix of crispy and chewy. I’m always keen to develop a theme so whilst this recipe ticked off make a meringue I also want to try a Baked Alaska and Lemon Meringue pie this year to perfect my technique.

My second item to be ticked off was the cub blanket. I needed to take the badges off my son’s old Beaver jumper and start his cub blanket ready for camp later this year. It was a comforting activity, sitting with it in my lap as I did the job and knowing its something he will snuggle under too. I suppose it’s part 1 as when he moves to Scouts I’ll need to do the same with his cub badges. He loves scouting and it is such a positive experience for him.

So that’s 2 of my 19 ticked off, I wonder what will be next …


So here is my list of #19for2019, an idea inspired by the Happier podcast by Gretchen Rubin.  It is not a list of resolutions, simply a list of things you want to do in 2019 which will make you happy.  I’m just publishing today and as I tick each one off, I’ll explain the story behind the activity.  I did it last year and it really did make me much happier and excited at planning and participating in these new opportunities.  I’m looking forward to 2019!