#Blogtober18 : Day 5, Forest creatures


There is an irony about today being #nationalbadgerday.  The photo above shows the damage to the grass in front of our house this morning.  Although we live at the seaside, we also live in a rural area with a large country park, minutes from our home.  We often have visitors, mainly foxes and badgers and they are little mischiefs.  They will try to knock bins over to scavenge for the food, we put bricks on top to stop this and they also dig the lawns for food.  I have never seen the badgers but have seen the footage from our neighbours who have shown us fascinating night shots of them exploring gardens.  The foxes are far more confident, they start exploring at dusk and we have a little family who regularly wander the streets.  Its not only foxes and badgers who meander to the residential areas, I have seen deer on the streets on early morning runs and there was an infamous occasion when a family of deer joined Little Miss’ class on the field for a PE lesson.  With our location, these animals are going to be our neighbours and we just have to learn to live together.

As I have no photos of our nocturnal visitors, this badger illustration is in Little Grey Rabbit’s Storybook, a childhood favourite book which I still treasure.



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