#blogtober18 : Day 4, Education


In the past week, we have attended two open evenings for secondary schools as our daughter moves up next September.  Its been a time when we’ve tried to think what we want from a secondary school, the values, ethos and curriculum and to match them best to what’s on offer.  I think we’ve made our decision and are comfortable with it, I have found it an easier choice than primary school, the choices at primary were too similar, with secondary, the schools are more distinct.  Our search has not been about academic vigour and exam results, we want a school which sees their young people as individuals, encourages their interests and passions and approaches education through a holistic approach.  Interestingly, its the free school which appears to provide this, a school which has more freedom to create and develop its own curriculum and timetable and the opportunity to innovate.  I’m sure secondary school will be an interesting journey, fingers crossed we’ve made the right decision.




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