#18for2018 : Learn to Kayak

Tbh, I was so focused on staying inside the kayak, I didn’t take any photos, but here is a representation of me kayaking 🙂

The number 1 on my #18for 2018 was to learn to kayak. I started in May and loved it but forgot to blog of my experience as it happened over a period of time.  It was our heat wave summer so it was a perfect activity. I started with 1:1 tuition from an amazing teacher and got so much information on technique, tides, conditions etc.. that I quickly felt I had the confidence to kayak.  The tutor rowed next to me and was so clear and precise in his instructions on technique and how not to fall in that I relaxed and relished every moment.  Without a doubt his teaching made this challenge so much fun and achievable,  I fell in love with the sport this summer and although I stuck to the safety of the river this summer, next year’s #19for2019 may include a kayak trip across our bay.  I’m excited about the prospect of more kayaking next summer, I loved the simplicity of rowing along a river, admiring the river life and feeling the warmth of the sun reflecting off the water, it was blissful.


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