Our Altered Life, a sparkly ring and cricket #littleloves


Last week I wrote my post up to Saturday evening, so this is a shorter #littleloves of 5 days. It’s been a lovely, quiet and relaxed week, it started with a christening on Sunday, movie night at home last night with our first Christmas film and the hairdressers today, she is also my neighbour so we talk about a lot! Here’s what I’ve been loving this week….



I discovered Charlie Beswick @ouralteredlife on Twitter when she was protesting about Instagram removing a picture of her son who has a facial disfigurement, I liked what I read on her blog and also downloaded her book onto my Kindle.  It’s a great read, a refreshing honest account of being a special needs mum, the guilt, grief, joy and perspective she shares makes for an ‘unputdownable’ read.



I’m a huge Strictly fan and the Blackpool show is one of my favourites, I love the big routine in the show and the extra sparkle of this week.  I was sad to see Johnnie leave, he’s been a big hit in the Sparkles household but I thought his leaving speech was so dignified and lovely, its just made us love him that little bit more. I am Strictly obsessed and Mr S is bemused how I am able to watch a little bit of Strictly everyday whether it be the programme or It Takes Two with Zoe, I even have it series linked so I don’t miss an episode.

img_5378Nothing of any real note in my makes this week, the weekends tend to be my creative time in the kitchen and I hope to be trying a new recipe from Nigel Slater this weekend.

img_5384 img_0242

It was really nice on Sunday afternoon to get dressed up for a christening.  I wore a favourite embroidered skirt above with a simple blouse and silk cardigan.  I also wore the amethyst ring, which was given to me by my mum.  I love jewellery which has a special meaning and this ring was a 21st present to my mum from all her siblings.  When I wear it, it just seems to connect me to my mum and my aunts and uncles.



I am a big cricket fan and for those unfamiliar with the sport, the biggest Test match series is Australia / England (the Ashes) which began last night.  I’ve been lucky enough to have gone on two Ashes holidays with Mr S, who is the biggest fan and has willingly taught me all I know.  I was really excited by the start of the Ashes, so when I awoke during the night  I tuned in to Test Match Special to listen to the match, the atmosphere crackles through the airwaves and its such an entertaining programme, not simply about cricket but life.

img_5386I am so pleased that for the first time since it came out we have a free weekend day and can go and see Paddington 2.  We’ve booked our tickets, so we’re off to enjoy my favourite bear’s adventures and then to potter around the county town and look at all things Christmassy.

Thanks to Morgana for hosting the link and all the other #LittleLoves contributors.






2 thoughts on “Our Altered Life, a sparkly ring and cricket #littleloves

  1. Oh that ring is beautiful. I really want to go see Paddington 2 but my kids are super scared of the movie theatre all the sudden its frustrating as we used to go all the time. Sorry for delayed comment from last week it was Thanksgiving playing catch up now on all #littleloves Have a great weekend ahead.

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