Christmas Chronicles, Children In Need and Ice Skating #littleloves


I’m a little late in writing this week’s #littleloves as all our lovely plans got scuppered through illness last weekend and I’ve been doing some very serious ‘adulting’ at work.  It can be quite scary when you’re involved in a very serious matter and think sh**, I’ve 20+ years experience, relevant training and I really am that grown up person needed in this situation. The combination of both;  sickness and work demands made the first part of the week not quite the background for #littlelove entries.  However, I am now over the sickness bug and I managed to make the most of my day off on Friday so I feel that I have a little more to write on now.


img_0239I really enjoy Nigel Slater’s books, I have The Kitchen Diaries 3 and like not only his recipes but the prose which accompanies the recipes, observations on nature, seasonality, ingredients etc..  I managed to get his new book ‘The Christmas Chronicles’ in Sainsbury’s for half price and have been busy reading it since.  It is superb, again similar reflections as above but with added customs and Christmas thoughts.  A perfect read at this time of year and I have many recipes already marked to try.  I think this could be become our family’s Christmas cookbook and am planning in on pencilling a few thoughts as we try the recipes.

img_5379I’ve watched far more television that I normally do this week, I think that I was so exhausted from the sickness bug and the intensity of work that TV was an ideal distraction.  I enjoyed The Boy With the Top Knot on BBC2 on Monday, a powerful drama about family secrets, mental health and cultural differences.  I also enjoyed the A word, although I was a bit eagle eyed about the special needs school in it this week, I can’t escape work!  We watched the Apprentice but its not a series I’m enjoying as much as previous ones, there’s too much arguing, bitching and rubbish ideas, I’ve not yet found someone who wows me.  Following my listen below, I watched Kay Mellor’s new drama about registrars which was just right for a Thursday evening. I do like the lead, Ashley Jensen and think this series could develop nicely each week.  Finally I watched some of Children In Need on Friday and found it very emotional and humbling.  I sobbed my way up to bed last night!


I made my daughter very happy this week by helping her get ready for the Children In Need disco at her school.  She and her friends were all very excited as it was an evening disco, well a 6.15 pm start and I allowed her to colour her hair with coloured hair spray and to have painted nails (my brand new Essie varnish) She had a brilliant time and was so happy it was just gorgeous to see.  We were so busy doing the hair, it had to be perfect that I didn’t have time to take a photo as I had to dash out and pick up Little Man from another party, it was one of those nights in our house! The pink and blue looked beautiful in her blonde hair.



Today I have worn ice skates, as Little Man and I went ice skating as part of our mummy and son day out.  His sister is out on a Brownie day and Mr S had a few appointments so the two of us went through to big town for some time together.  I am so wobbly on the ice but was very proud I didn’t fall over today.  Its somewhat ironic that I used to work at an ice rink (my part time student jobs were all great) yet I never learnt to skate.  Little Man had a great time, he started holding onto the polar bear but managed a few circuits on his own too.


As I was getting recovering from my bug, I caught up on some Desert Island podcasts.  Kay Mellor’s session is a brilliant listen, an amazing story of how she went from 16, married and pregnant to the writer she is today, inspirational.

I also listened to Prof Phil Scraton who was heavily involved in the Hillsborough campaign and its a superb episode too.  I do love DID for sharing some stories which we might not have heard before with added music too.


Even with parties, discos, Brownie days out and ice skating this weekend isn’t done yet as we have a christening to look forward to tomorrow.  I am having a slight panic over what to wear for a Sunday afternoon service, smart but warm and how to keep my son amused in the church.  However there’s a party after so there may be room for a little negotiation  bribery.

Thanks to Morgana and all the #littleloves crew



6 thoughts on “Christmas Chronicles, Children In Need and Ice Skating #littleloves

  1. I hope you’re feeling better now, I also caught a stomach bug this week, boo! I totally agree with you about the apprentice this year, and neither team seems to get a good win, they’re just slight less useless than the other one! #LittleLoves

  2. I’m loving Nigel Slater’s book at the moment. The disco sounded lovely for your daughter. Sorry you’ve been ill and having a difficult time at work. I hope this week is going better.

  3. That Nigel Slater book is just brilliant isn’t it. I adore how he writes. Probably more so than his recipes and that’s saying something! You’re the second person to remind me I need to watch The Boy with the Topknot, it sounds brilliant. Hope you’re having a good week x

  4. We’ve had the discos this week. Both my girls have been excitedly planning their outfits!
    I feel the same about The Apprentice this year. They are all so awful. I don’t think they get any credible people even applying any more.

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