Paddington, Christmas cards and a shopping trip #littleloves

I don’t know if its because the children and I are breaking up early for Christmas this year ( December 15th) and the schools and clubs are doing special events earlier because of this but the I’ve been feeling unusually Christmassy this week when we’re still in November.  Its been hard keeping to my December 1st date to start my Christmas season but I did and I am now very ready and enthusiastic for Christmas.

I have started December with a lovely festive day today, if not a bit busy! I went to big town for a Christmas shopping trip and as its an hour’s drive each way, I got to listen and sing along to all my favourite Christmas music on the journey.  The town looked so pretty with all its decorations, lights and alpine market huts, the shops were full of festive delights and I ticked off plenty on my lists too, so a very successful trip.  In addition to my Christmas shopping trip, I’ve also had the children’s school fair this evening and as I was helping on the tombola, I felt inspired to wear a Christmas jumper.

This was the stunning view on my journey this morning, as I waited for my ferry.  Yes its not just a drive, I have to cross the water too. 


After reading a couple of inspiring autobiographies recently I wanted to read some fiction this week that I could just dip in and out of.  I saw that the follow up to Paper Aeroplanes by Dawn O’Porter was on offer on Kindle, so I downloaded Goose, which is aimed at the Young Adult market.  Its exactly what I needed and I’m enjoying the continuing tale of the two teenage girls.



Last Saturday we went to our county town to watch Paddington 2.  We all loved it and the film had all the feels, I may even have cried a little at the end.  I think its my favourite film of the year (with Breathe.) Hugh Grant as the villain steals every scene but the themes of the film make you leave the cinema a little more inspired to be kind, polite and to always think of others.  Paddington is definitely my favourite little bear.


This has been taken from a screen shot, the quality is much better.

This year I decided to try something different with our Christmas cards and went online to design a card on OptimalPrint (not an ad) I’m not a fan of having a picture of our little family on the cards (although for those closest to us, we add the new school photo in the card) so I created a list of things that we like to do at Christmastime.  I hope the cards will be appreciated in the spirit they were designed.



Its not a wear from me this week, although today’s Christmas jumper might count, but from Little Miss.  As Paddington is set in London, Little Miss wore my favourite Boden print pinafore to the cinema, yes I really coordinated her outfit with a film! I love this print and it will be an outfit I will keep for the happy memories.


Today it was all about the Christmas songs, I love them and have so many memories from all different songs,  Jim Reeves Silver Bells reminds me of my Dad and putting the Christmas tree up as a child, Band Aid was the first single I ever bought, Mariah Carey is Christmas eves in nightclubs.  Christmas songs are simply magical.


We had a lovely surprise at the Christmas fair tonight when in the raffle, we won the VIP pass to visit Santa and work in his elf workshop, we are going to be doing this tomorrow and are all very excited.  We’re also going to be putting up our tree this weekend, this is a little contentious in our house, I would prefer to wait at least another weekend but I am outnumbered. Putting up the tree will always be one of my favourite parts of Christmas.

Thanks to Morgana and all her contributors, I’m loving the festive feel to all the posts at present.



15 thoughts on “Paddington, Christmas cards and a shopping trip #littleloves

  1. Aw I’ve been desperate to see Paddington but we’ve not managed to find time to go – it sounds wonderful and Ioved the first one! Everyone seems to be getting festive so early this year – we always wait until after my daughter’s birthday on the 7th. Hope you enjoy your visit to see Santa and the elves 🙂

  2. Aw I’ve been desperate to see Paddington but we’ve not managed to find time to go – it sounds wonderful and Ioved the first one! Everyone seems to be getting festive so early this year – we always wait until after my daughter’s birthday on the 7th. Hope you enjoy your visit to see Santa and the elves 🙂

    1. Waiting until after your daughter’s birthday sounds a good plan that’s a date more to my liking for putting up a tree. I hope she has a lovely birthday this week, I have 2 little friends whose birthday are this month and always make sure they have a birthday pressie wrapped up in party paper and no hint of Christmas. Have a great week x

  3. I haven`t seen Paddington yet but I really really have to. It`s my favourite little bear too and 1st part was amazing. I can`t wait to see it.

  4. I think I have a Dawn O’Porter book on my Kindle that I’m yet to read. We are putting our tree up this afternoon hopefully, feel like everyone is really festive this year already. It’s lovely! Hope you enjoyed your visit to see Santa and The Elves. Enjoy the week ahead xx

  5. I love the London print from Boden which is pretty perfect to wear to Paddington. Ah well done on winning the VIP pass in the raffle. Hope you had a lovely time. We also break up on the 15th but I am not feeling festive yet (I am always a late festive person lol) x

    1. It was lovely visiting Santa thank you. I would prefer to break up later , 10 days before Christmas is a long time with 2 excited children. I’m not looking forward to school starting on January 2nd. Have a great week x

  6. Christmas tunes have been blaring out in our house too. My girls are obsessed!
    Wow, the 15th? That’s so early. We’re so late this year and don’t break up until the 22nd!
    Have a lovely week xx

    1. I wish it was the 22nd, as a teacher we have 2 weeks to fit in 3 weeks Christmas, my head is spinning with concerts, dinners, parties etc.. Jan 2 is do early to go back too. Hope your week is going well x

  7. I love all the Christmas songs and the memories they conjure up. The 15th is quite an early break up, my little one’s birthday is on Christmas Day so he’d be bouncing off the walls by then if he had to wait it out with no school to keep him occupied. I missed out on Paddington as my two saw it with my mum, I loved the first one though. Have a great week x

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