Cake books, work-style and deers #littleloves

Yay its Friday and its been a quiet and happy week at the Sparkles house.  I like weeks like these simply pottering around and going about our daily routines contentedly.  In between Storm Doris there have been some lovely sunny days and the promise of spring, this has inspired me to do more exercise, I’ve enjoyed the first trial runs of the year and swimming in our local pool where the sun streams through the glass roof and windows and coupled with the sea views makes you believe you could be somewhere more exotic.


As well as continuing to enjoy Helen Pearson’s The Life Project,  as detailed in last week’s #littleloves, I have also been reading some cookbooks for a new baking project.  I have been looking for inspiration in the M&S cake catalogue and this bargain book on children’s cakes which I found in WHSmith reduced to £3, its fantastic.


We finally watched Moorside this week.  Sheridan Smith is a wonderful actor and I was blown away again by her performance.  Its a harrowing story but I didn’t hate the mother as I thought I would, I saw a very vulnerable woman with a complex history probably including learning difficulties.  I hope that her daughter and other children are safe and secure in loving homes now with all the support they need for happy adult lives.


I am on a bit of a healthy regime this week so have made lots of delicious salads, wholesome soups and nourishing mains.


I was inspired by a lovely article by Not A Frumpy Mum on her working wardrobe

This week I have made an effort to be more stylish at work and been a little more creative with my choices.  I’ve tried to avoid my normal staples and have experimented with different combinations, digging out some items I don’t normally wear and matching them up with recent purchases.   Its surprising how a slight change of look can make you feel more sparkly.


On the way home from school tonight, Little Miss told me an amusing but slightly unbelievable story about a family of deer who ran onto the school field whilst they were having their PE lesson. We laughed at the story and tried to fit in all the deer jokes and word play we could, making for a funny walk home. When I got home, I received a phone call from the teacher to reassure parents about what had taken place and his account did roughly match Little Miss’ tale.  I think its one of those stories which may go down in folklore, the day the deer joined in PE.


We have a quiet weekend planned.  I’ve done lots of jobs this week so I don’t have a long to do list, just time to potter and hopefully be outside as much as possible.

I’m linking up with Morgana at and her delightful #littleloves contributors who provide so much inspiration and ideas in their posts.


6 thoughts on “Cake books, work-style and deers #littleloves

    1. Yes it was a surprise although there are wild deer around as we live near the open countryside, I met two on a run last week on a quiet road. The whole tale has me smiling at the thought of the teacher trying to herd the deer off the field, not something you get taught in teacher training!

  1. Oh we have deer all over growing up back home that would have been lovely. They come right up to our front yard all the time. So lovely. That cake book sounds amazing I always look for sale books. Bargain!!! I hope you are having a lovely weekend. #littleloves

  2. I bet you were surprised to get that phone call from the teacher! My girls would be thrilled if a family of deer joined their classes for PE, haha, sadly as they are at an inner city school it’s not that likely! xx

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