Family news, memories and Batman #littleloves

Oops a little late with this week’s Little Loves as we tried to eek every last second out of half term.  We had a really nice week, I like how this half term is a more laid back holiday with none of the big celebrations of other holidays.  As Mr S was working away for the first part of the week we went to stay with my parents and then did some family things with Mr S in the second part of the week.  Mr S was really quite poorly so our planned trip to Portsmouth was postponed and replaced with local trips, a visit to the new indoor skate park which the children loved and a train journey, which is treat in itself, to another town to wander around and catch the new Lego Batman film.




I have been reading The Life Project by Helen Pearson, its a non fiction book about cohort studies of children born in a certain week and the impact the results of the simple questionnaires have consequently had on health and education in the UK.   This may sound a bit dry but its an interesting and fascinating read about what factors determine success in life.  Some of it is sadly depressing, the vicious cycle of poverty but it also highlights the positives of good parenting, good education and good health services. A thoughtful and powerful read.


Call the Midwife was a heart breaking watch for me this week, as someone who has lost a baby in pregnancy and adopted, the two themes of the episode I was in bits by the end and sobbing my heart out.  As is always done in the programme the issues were handled sensitively.

We went to see the new Lego film Batman this week.  I know the reviews are good but I did find it a bit dull, there were some witty parts but its an action film, albeit in animation and its not my favourite genre.  However, Mr S and Little Man loved the film.


I know its bit of a cliché but this week was about making memories especially with my family.  With my parents, we had walks along the beach, trips to the café, swimming and a fantastic morning in Bristol at the Clifton Observatory.  Despite growing up in Bristol we had never visited it before.  It is a tower to climb to use the camera obscura, you twist the handle and a reflection of the outside is projected onto a screen inside, it doesn’t look real simply a picture until you look closely and see the cars driving across the suspension bridge. In the same building you descend over 130 steps and end up in a cave in the Avon gorge, there are two different explanations for it.  It is a Roman chapel or the home of two Bristolian giants.  The tower is a great visit and after we walked along the Suspension bridge to go to the new visitor centre, it was a great venue for the children where they got to learn all about bridges and to build them too!


The milder weather meant it was skinny jeans with fewer layers, a nice feeling that Spring may be on its way!

My parents also bought me these slippers from their recent trip to Marrakesh, the children find them hilarious, Mummy’s pink elf shoes!  They are remarkably comfortable though.


Staying with mum and dad I got all the news on family and old friends.  Its funny how life turns out, real life is so much better than any soap opera!


Half term is over now and its back to work this week.  I’ve enjoyed the break and its a nice time of year to be looking forward to, Springtime is coming.

Many thanks to Morgana for creating this linkie



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