Pancakes, Faith and Exercise #littleloves

My Favourite Trail run from Thursday

Life is pretty good at the moment.  Its a period of simple pleasures and relaxed times.  Some weeks it seems that my diary is bursting and my days are measured to the minute. However the demands on me are much more achievable at present and I don’t feel that every second of my time is taken. This has meant that over the last few weeks I have had more time to myself and have used it to look after me, with running, swimming and good nutrition all of which are making me feel pretty sparkly.  We’ve also had more time as a family, we discovered Lazerquest on Sunday which the children loved and then were able to have a lovely lunch in a stunning Italian café and patisserie.  The good times are rolling…


Upon recommendation I started reading ‘The Life Changing Magic Art of Not Giving a F*** ‘  Unfortunately, I just didn’t like it, I persevered with it for about a third of the book but it wasn’t inspiring or interesting me, so I removed it from my Kindle.  Its very unlike me not to finish a book but I have lots of other titles waiting to be read and want to enjoy my reading, I suppose I learnt that I already know how not to give a f***!


Mr S and I always try and sit down together at 9pm to relax, whether it be me reading whilst he watches sport or watching a programme together.  We both enjoyed the new drama, The Replacement on BBC 1 on Tuesday evening about a maternity cover post with the replacement taking over a little too much of her cover’s life.  We don’t often agree about our choices but we’re both looking forward to the next two episodes.

I also watched Diana : Designing a Princess, a programme to accompany the fashion exhibition of her dresses at Kensington Palace.  It was really interesting to see how her clothes reflected the periods of her life.  It’s well worth a look on BBC iPlayer. 



I think this week its just the one important make, pancakes.  I love the tradition and fun of pancake night and its one of those photos we have from every year with the children in the early days eating pancakes in their high chairs and now having a go at flipping them.  For me its always lemon and sugar as my topping.


I’ve had a really good week exercising, 3 outdoor runs and 2 swims so my wear this week must be my exercise clothes, a practical Speedo costume for swimming and capris, running top and sweatshirt for the runs.


The new Stevie Wonder song Faith is my favourite dancing around the kitchen tune of the moment.  Its also on the Sing soundtrack so is a firm family favourite, we play the Sing and Trolls soundtracks a lot in my car.


Its a busy Saturday this weekend, sports practices and parties but we’re looking forward to a family day on Sunday.  We’ve discovered the indoor skate park and Lazerquest in recent weeks which have wowed the children so I quite like the challenge of finding another new activity.  Hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy new adventures.

I’m linking up with Morgana at for this week’s Little Loves.


6 thoughts on “Pancakes, Faith and Exercise #littleloves

    1. TBH the exercise is only doing so well because my husband is working at home at the moment and it’s a quiet time for other events, I’m doing the exercise whilst I can. Hope your pancakes went well, we love them and realise we only ever have them
      on Shrove Tues or on holiday, perhaps it’s time to make them
      more often.

  1. Wow! I bet you are feeling better with so much exercising, it sounds like you’ve found (even temporarily) a good pace to life. The Replacement sounds really interesting… a complete contrast to my mat leave 😉 I might have to see if I can find it on ‘catch up’. #LittleLoves

  2. Well done on the exercise! I’m doing couch to 5k at the moment, and that’s enough for me!
    The Replacement is so tense isn’t it? I’ve just caught up on this week’s and now I can’t wait for the next one! xx

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