Harvest Festival


As a teacher and parent I tend to do school events twice, once at work and then repeated at my childrens’ school.  The work events are more stressful as I am usually involved in preparing and presenting the event, but at the primary school, I enjoy relaxing and watching the event as an enthusiastic and supportive parent.  At this time of year its harvest festival, our school event this year featured a scarecrow parade which was brilliant.  We simply offered some ideas and inspiration to our classes and the results were stunning, ten life size scarecrows accompanied me in presenting our harvest festival and the children dancing Dingle Dangle Scarecrow with their models was just a classic moment.  The primary school’s festival took place in our local church, a gorgeous and atmospheric setting.  All the children sat at the front in their classes and sang and did the actions to their well rehearsed songs.  There are some lovely harvest songs now, my favourite contemporary song is Harvest Samba, but the reception children singing Big, red combine harvester is always a super sweet moment too.  I do miss Colours of Day and Autumn days from my primary school days, I may add one to our school festival next year for a retro feel!  Thanks to some helpful advice from Little Man’s 1:1, we were able to secure prime position to see our little ones perform at the church.  Little Man needs reassurance and to be able to see us clearly at such big events, so it was a relief for us to be right in front of him and able to give him broad smiles, thumbs up etc.. Little Miss was two rows behind him.  For her, singing and performing come easily and confortably, she has a beautiful voice and loves to sing. It was wonderful to see them both perform and be proud of their role in the festival.  I do enjoy harvest festivals, they are a lovely autumn tradition and I’m lucky that even when my children leave primary school I’ll still be able to continue celebrating them annually at my work and to give thanks for our harvests.


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