At this time of year as Autumn draws in, I like to focus on creating a cosy, warm home. A home that from the first step in feels comfortable, relaxed and safe.  In the autumn, it may be the smell from a slow cooker recipe wafting through the house, the blanket on the sofa to snuggle into whilst reading a book, a candle or essential oils filling the air with a warm and spicy aroma .  Much of this is compatible with the Danish philosophy of Hygge which is very much in vogue at present.  I was introduced to hygge last year in the Simple Life magazine and recently read a book on the subject by Pia Edberg. Hygge is a difficult word to translate from Danish, Edberg describes it as ‘the concept of cosiness ….. the art of creating warmth, comfort and wellbeing…’ From my reading it’s creating a simple, purposeful life and a philosophy so much to my own too.  I think living in a small rural town, we have less materialistic  pressures, we have small, mainly independent shops and buy what we need.  When I visit big town I feel quite overwhelmed by the choice.  In a small town we create our own leisure time as facilities are limited, there is a culture of joining clubs and supporting local events.  Daytime activities are using and appreciating our environment whether it be for running, walking or water sports and evenings are for sports, drama and creative activities.  We live surrounded by the wonder of our natural environment, I love to walk along the beach in wellies, wrapped up in a scarf and woolly hat and just look out to the sea.  Until I lived at the seaside I never realised the different shades of blue for the sea, it really is different every day.  I tend to run off road in the fields and countryside and again the colours as they fade from green to brown show the changing seasons.  The beauty of spending time outside is the opportunity to warm up in front of a fire or relaxing in a warm, bubble bath.

I am interested in the concept of hygge and how it relates to our happiness, I think being with nature grounds us, enjoying simple pleasures relaxes us and being with friends and family in comfortable environments encourages good mental health, everything always seems better once discussed and problems less surmountable.

Resources for Hygge





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