Halloween 2016


Halloween in the 80s

Unusually Halloween lands on a school day this year and with clubs running we won’t be celebrating on Monday evening as a family.  I have such fond childhood memories of Halloween that on Sunday we will be doing some of my childhood favourites, bobbing for apples, swinging sticky pudding and dressing up.  Whilst we have so many family traditions, trick or treating has never been a feature of Halloween and again the children won’t be doing it for Halloween 2016, the Beavers are going on a haunted walk in the dark and the Brownies have a fancy dress party. Both the children are really excited by their planned activities.

Today we have been decorating the house for Halloween. I do love a decoration to add a little sparkle to a celebration.  A lot of my decorations have been collected over the years but this year we have our first  Halloween tree.  It’s a tree which gets recycled for Easter, Christmas and now Halloween! I bought some lovely felt decorations last year and with some new diddy pumpkin lights, the tree is gorgeous.  My lightbox has a seasonal message and some of Little Man’s Lego figures have been added to the display since the photo was taken. The little Frankenstein toy is a musical toy which plays Ghostbusters.  Mr S bought it for the children’s first Halloween and it is a much loved toy.  To retain the magic, I pack it away with the Halloween decorations so there is always great excitement when the children see it every year.  The Halloween table is in the living room and I will add a bowl of treats  for Halloween too.  The window display is in the kitchen by our table where we sit for our meals.  The haunted house light is new this year from a local shop, it can be programmed to change the light patterns whilst the pumpkins balloons and the pumpkin scarecrows were presents.  The candle holders are last year’s decorations and a battery tea light enables the flickering candle effect.  My decorations always reflect a cute side to Halloween. I don’t want to scare the children with guts and gore.

Halloween has always been a special time and I hope that the little treats we do over the weekend will make it so for the children too. 7127d129-b02e-4e8f-b056-94222a7d716c



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