Vogue, Sports day and Mummy style #littleloves

I think for the first time ever, I didn’t write a Little Loves / Sparkles post last week.  I normally write it on a Friday but was so shocked, sad and angry by the EU referendum result that I simply didn’t have the spirit to write a light and positive post.  The EU referendum has dominated my week again this week, it’s unbelievable how events have and are developing, however there have been other things in my life this week to share.



It’s fair to say that much of my reading has been commentary and analysis of the EU referendum.  However even I needed light relief this week and bought Vogue magazine to distract me.  It’s not a magazine I usually buy but I just liked the front cover, Renee Zwellegger’s relaxed pose and pretty dress, sold it to me.  I’ve dipped in and out of the magazine this week and am enjoying it although I don’t think it’ll become a monthly purchase.


On Monday I watched England crash out of Europe for the second time in a week.  England were so poor that I wasn’t as disappointed as I could have been with the football result.  The best thing this season has been the success of small, unfancied teams who develop team work, train hard and have a desire to succeed.

There’s a sporty theme to my watches as I have also watched the children participate in Sports day. Fortunately school sports day fell on one of my non working days so Mr S and I went together to cheer the children on.  It was really useful to be a duo as the children are in different key stages and were doing events at opposite ends of the field, by splitting up we got to see everything the children did.  My very special moment was seeing Little Man win the obstacle race. This is simply not a boast but a story of how much progress he has made over the years.  When we were approached to adopt Little Man, we had to speak to a paediatrician first to understand the challenges he might face.  At the time his physical development was delayed and at one year’s old he could barely sit up and was unable to crawl.  Through hard work and his determination, Little Man now has all the physical skills appropriate to his age .  His first place in the race today was a little bit special knowing the challenges he has overcome and simply remembering the little baby who came to us so fragile and weak and who has now developed into a strong, healthy boy.



The end of term is approaching so I made some Etsy orders for teacher gifts.  It has been very easy, I found some lovely shops, the gifts have already arrived and I’m really pleased with them.


Its been a very busy week and I have been doing a lot of Mummy duties.  As some of these have been special activities, I’ve made more of an effort with my outfits and have tried to dress stylishly, with nice clothes, accessories and make up.  It has felt good to make the effort.


No new music to report on this week, as I have been listening to the radio to catch up with the news as so much seems to happen daily.  I heard the resignation speeches from Cameron and Hodgson on the radio,  both were dignified and honest and I respect both for their decisions. Next week, I do need to find some new music, something completely  different to my normal tastes to awaken my creativity and shake me from this Euro gloom.


I’ve found this week tough in the light of the referendum result, I am a naturally positive and calm person but the result has shaken my beliefs and values.  This week it seems that I’m mourning a future and opportunities that I hoped my children would inherit and feeling at a loss at a Britain where fear and hatred appear prevalent. It has been good to read from fellow bloggers and tweeters to know that I’m not alone in my thoughts, it’s up to us to teach respect and share our values with our future generations.

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