David Walliams, School concerts and the most inspiring listen #littleloves

In a truly horrific week when I have despaired at the cruelty, ignorance and hatred in the world, I did question writing Little Loves. I’m writing it because my listen of the week is the most inspiring podcast you will probably ever hear, a bold assertion but I promise  a listen will remind you of the best in humanity.  However before I get to it here are my other loves of the week.


I did start reading Lisa Jewell’s The Girls. I’ve really enjoyed  Jewell’s previous work but the subject matter is just a bit too dark and sinister to read at present and I’ve put it back on the shelf. When life is so brutal, I need my reading to be something different.


I’ve also been reading David Walliams’ Worlds Worst Children at bedtime.  Its a beautiful hardback book with wonderful illustrations, quirky font and quality paper. I rarely buy hardbacks but got it at a very good price and the quality does show.  The children are loving the book and are not just reading it at bedtime but are looking through it during the day, choosing a tale for the night.  Walliams is a fantastic storyteller with a definite nod to Roald Dahl.



I love football and have watched it since a child.  For years I had a season ticket at my local league club so the Euros are a big treat, so much football on all day and I’ve watched lots of the matches. However I haven’t had the joyous feeling I normally do watching the football as there have been ugly scenes of violence and intimidation. This is not football and after recovering from the dark days of hooliganism I only hope that its not returning.

On a more positive note, on Tuesday evening I had the pleasure of watching the local primary schools present a concert of their musical talents.  The children were incredibly gifted and it was delightful to watch.  Little Miss was in the recorder group and also sang in the choir. The choirs sang such uplifting songs that you left happy and refreshed.


Tomorrow we’re off to Longleat for the weekend, we have two day tickets as there is so much to do on the estate. We’re taking a picnic for Saturday so my make this week is making a menu.  Such a special venue merits a special picnic so I’ve planned salads, mini Scotch eggs and sausage rolls, dips, fruit slices, fancy drinks. It’s the little things which help life sparkle.


Cardigans, come on Summer you tease us with a few nice days and then disappear again, please can we start summer now.




The purpose of this post is to highlight the amazing Desert Island Discs broadcast from David Nott, a surgeon who works in three London hospitals and then takes sabbaticals to work in war zones.  It is remarkable, do a Twitter search for David Nott Desert Island Discs and read the comments, the programme really is that good and for someone who listens every week, it’s my favourite ever DID. I normally listen to the Desert Island discs on my Saturday run as it helps a gentle start to the day. This programme stopped me in my tracks and I cried at several times.  Even if you don’t listen to all the podcast, the story of the little girl at 23 mins had me sobbing so hard that I couldn’t stop thinking about her and the bravery and kindness David Nott had shown.  I never do anything like this but when I got home, I found the details of his charity and made a donation. In such an awful, despairing week I promise that this listen will leave you crying but full of admiration for such a humble, inspiring and courageous man. He is my beacon of light in a dark, dark week.


Words fail me this week, the attack on a gay nightclub which killed 50, the far right ultra hooligans at Euro16 and then the murder of the mp, Jo Cox.  What has become of us?  I have been doing lots of thinking and don’t have the answers but the events make me determined not to be scared by such evil acts but to do all I can to stand up for my values and show there is lots of love and respect in our society.

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