The Simple life, Charlotte’s Web and the Spirit of Cricket #littleloves


Wow, that was a week which just zoomed past, I’m not sure how we are at Friday evening already.  As the sun has been out for most of the week, it has been a week spent in the garden.  We’ve had dinners al fresco, a barbecue, lots of swing ball and cricket and lazy evenings on the swings and making daisy chains.



There’s been too much going on to start a new book this week so I’ve been reading my favourite magazine The Simple Life. I like the feel of the articles celebrating simple sensory pleasures of seasonal life.  Perfect garden reading.


With the beautiful summer evenings, we’ve hardly had the television on this week.  The one film I watched with the children on a drizzly Saturday lunchtime was Charlotte’s Web, I really enjoyed it and it inspired further activities.

I have been very lucky this week to have watched children having simple, good fun. I was on the parent rota for Beavers this week and loved seeing the boys explore their tent and to work out how to put it up together in the local park. I also had a great time at Paultons Park where the Rotary Club had very generously paid for our students to have a day out, all the local special needs schools are invited and it is so well organised to meet the needs of the children, it is an inspiring, humbling day.  Paultons Park (aka Peppa Pig world) is a wonderful theme park and well worth a visit.




On Saturday afternoon, Little Miss went with our neighbour to tend her horses so Little Man and I did some crafting.  Inspired by Charlotte’s Web we made a scene from the film, searching our box for materials. I was so impressed by Little Man’s creativity and interest in the activity which really developed from my original idea of a spider and web.

This period is crazy in our family for special events so I spent some time this week making cards online from Funky Pigeon. I find the website reasonable and there are nice designs.  I use them too as the cards are made in the UK, I love quality cards but got really fed up with shops like M&S sourcing their pretty cards from China.


It was a shorts and tshirts type of week, my favourite!


The latest cricket test match started this week so I have my favourite TMS on the radio throughout the day.  In the lunch break I listened to the Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey lecture by Brendan McCullum. It was one of those speeches which stops you in your tracks and you cannot do anything else but listen.  Obviously the theme was about cricket, but it was so much more, it was about leadership, moral responsibility, being a team and recognising the important things in life.  Brilliant.



I do like my sport and I am very excited by the start of the Euros today. This is the first tournament that Little Man is old enough to appreciate so he has been collecting stickers for his Panini album and we have a football wall chart on the play room wall.  Fingers crossed for a strong England performance.

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