April, Month in a Word


April has been a much more relaxed and happier month.  It’s a month I always like, it’s normally a holiday month and with the weather slowly improving and longer days it’s one of the fist opportunities of the year to get out and explore in sunshine and light.

This month’s word is family as we’ve been fortunate to spend much of this month with our close family.  Firstly, Mr S has done fewer weeks away working and took a few days off during the children’s holiday to allow a few trips out together en famille.  We’ve had Grandad to stay for Easter which although was in March, I’m still sneaking it in.  Then the children and I had a lovely week with my parents in Somerset when Mr S was working away, a great way to spend part of the Easter holiday. And finally April ended with Grandad’s birthday weekend in Devon with my sister in law, her husband and their youngest daughter who has achieved goddess status to Little Miss, she loved the teenage culture of selfies and fashion and is regularly sending her cousin emails which are so sweet.

I feel so blessed to have such amazing family around us and it’s been a good month to be bathed in family love, laughter and good times.