Little Sparkles

So another Little Sparkles with nothing else written in between, that’s just how life is moving at present.  However its been a week of simple pleasures as illustrated below by my highlights and a moment of remembrance.

Sparkle 1 : Fresh flowers


I was lucky enough to receive two bunches of flowers this week.  The first was a little posy of flowers which little Man picked on his way home from school, a mix of wild and garden flowers.  He was very proud of his flowers and presented them to me with a lovely big kiss and a I love you Mummy, I just melted.

The second was a kind thank you gift from a colleague who was taken very poorly at work and I waited with her until the ambulance crew arrived.  Whilst she is much better now, she detioriated quickly during the wait and I did find myself mentally rehearsing CPR.  I was so relieved to see the ambulance arrive and have so much respect and gratitude for all our medical professionals.

Sparkle 2 : My Saturday morning run


7am on a weekend morning is my time, my hour to go for a run.  It is at this time of year when it is a perfect time to be out, the sun is bright, the trails quiet and spring is blossoming all around you.  Saturday morning was just fantastic this week, a warm, bright sun, little sailing boats bobbing along in the sea and brilliant running conditions.

Sparkle 3 : The Cricket Club


Cricket training has now moved outdoors and the cricket club is a perfect place to be on a Saturday morning, whilst the youth teams train, there is breakfast for the adults and the wonderful opportunity to sit in the sun, talk and relax.  Having done my run and then on to the cricket it was a pretty perfect morning.


Sparkle 4 : My Light box


The lines this week were for Mr S.  To the children it was simply a quote but it had a far more poignant meaning for Mr S.  This week the Hillsborough families finally got the unlawful killing verdict in the new inquests and much of the evidence of the time has been discredited as lies, incompetence and cover ups. . I cannot fully express my utter respect and admiration for these families who have worked tirelessly for 27 years to get this result.  For Mr S, Hillsborough is not simply a national tragedy, he was there with three friends, courtesy of tickets from his best mate’s cousin who played for Liverpool at the time.  We have been together nearly 20 years now and only once has he ever spoken about what he witnessed on that day, what he told me was indescribable horror and has haunted me ever since, I cannot imagine the effect it has had on him.  Mr S took some time out on his own on Wednesday evening, after all the news reports, he needed time alone to reflect and grieve.    This quote was my little sign to him to let him know that I know this was a tough week for him and we’re all here together for each other.