Little Sparkles



There is little variety in my blog writing at present, I am in one of those periods when life takes over and at least little sparkles is a way to catch up on our past week.  I am writing down ideas for new blog posts its just finding time to write.  I was reading a professional blog from someone who dictates their posts on their commute home, great time saving but as I work less than 5 minutes from home and am normally doing a mad dash to get from work to school on time I don’t think that strategy will work for me.

This week we enjoyed our weekend away in Devon with Mr S’ family to celebrate his Dad’s birthday and then just to prove how rock and roll our life is we got new windows and repairs this week which has been my highlight and something I’m very excited about, how life changes over the years…

Sparkle 1 : A weekend in Devon


This could constitute a whole post of its own as we had a fantastic weekend in Devon.  We all met at Pecorama in Beer which has model railway displays, a light railway and beautiful gardens to explore with stunning views of the bay.  It was a lovely place to spend a bright and chilly day and the children loved it.  We moved on to Exeter in the evening for a family meal and then drove to Exmouth on Sunday for a gorgeous, sunny walk along the beach and birthday lunch for Grandad.  It was relaxed and fun, the children fell in love with my sister in law’s menagerie of dog, cat and chickens and even me who is not a cat person may have fell a little bit in love with the cat too, for the first time ever I could imagine having a cat in the house, although it would need the temperament and character of their lovely little cat.

Sparkle 2 : My Light box message


As well as being my Father In Law’s birthday, its also been the Queen’s 90th birthday this week and as well as my light box message, Little Miss got this badge from Brownies on Monday to celebrate.  (A Brownies session I accompanied her to as her adult partner for games and challenges, I’m great at moving marshmallows with chopsticks, a talent I’ve not had much call for before!)  Whilst the message is a little tongue in cheek, I’m not a fervent royalist and have mixed feelings about the Royal family, I do have a lot of respect for the Queen who has served the country dutifully and diligently.  The more I read of her I think she is a pretty sparky, intelligent and witty woman.  As my light box message is a way of celebrating the week it seems an appropriate phrase.

Sparkle 3 : Star Wars

FullSizeRender - Copy

Yeah the Star Wars DVD came out this week and we have our copy.  Little Man is made up and has been creating so many Star Wars inspired Lego models this week and reading all his Star Wars books.  He even got to go to a Star Wars birthday party today (with a stunning Millennium Falcon cake) I love the film on so many levels and its definitely in my top 5 films.

Sparkle 4 : New windows


A little bit tragic but I have been so excited by our new windows, the children have windows in their bedrooms which they can open now ( of course with special child restrictors) and the clouded windows have been replaced, which makes the rooms look so much lighter.  As we had to move furniture to prepare for the work, I also had a little change around in some of the rooms and am particularly happy with how the space is being used in our bedroom now.  Its been a real homely week.

Sparkle 5 : A present for Mr S


In the first Spring I knew him Mr S asked me to get the new edition of Playfair.  I had no idea what this was and to be honest it sounded like a dodgy, girlie publication with a name like that.  Fortunately, its not, rather its the annual publication for cricket stats and information and I picked it up today for him.  Mr S is so difficult to buy presents for and to find it for him and get it without being asked made it even more special, bonus wife points for me.  As you can see from the picture, he has a lot of Playfairs and Wisdens they are double stacked on the wide shelves in the Dining Room and we have many other cricket books on our bookshelves elsewhere!

And finally

Its a time of change at work for me at present.  I will be taking on significant additional responsibilities from Monday and have rearranged my hours to make my working time more efficient and effective.  Work have been very accommodating but its time to deliver, inspire and lead, I’m excited but aware of the role I  need to play.  My challenge is to have a decent balance in all areas of my life, I think I can do it but am mindful of how organised and efficient I’m going to need to be, its quite a daunting thought.