Little Sparkles

A short and sweet little sparkles as we are away this weekend and I’m writing this early.  It’s been a very quiet week, back to school and no clubs until next week.  There’s a definite theme to this week’s entry, sunshine!

Sparkle 1 : Playing in the garden


There was a recent article in the news that prisoners spend more time outside than children, a result of parental fear, the influence of tv and computer games etc..  Fortunately our children enjoy being outside regardless of the weather and this week they’ve spent us much time as they possibly can in the garden playing.  Yesterday, they squeezed every minute from getting home from school to bath time in the garden, it was another al fresco tea. I cleaned out the old sand and water play stand at the weekend and it’s now being used as Zombling land, the latest craze in mini toys.  There was also lots of bug hotels being built yesterday as well as playing on the swings and making dens.  Such childhood innocence needs to be encouraged.

Sparkle 2 : Mexican Night

There was a youth social event at the cricket club on Saturday night. As its Little Man’s first season, it was a little nerve wracking going to the first social but as it always is in a small town it was surprising how many people we already knew and we relaxed.  The meal was delicious, the best veggie chilli I’ve eaten in ages and a bargain price for drinks and a meal for the four of us.

Sparkle 3 : Summer dresses

Photo by Moodles.

This week the weather has been so good that Little Miss has been wearing her Summer gingham dresses to school.  I love these school dresses, the simplicity of the style and design unchanged for generations.  I much preferred wearing the dresses to the heavy, grey uniform of Winter when I was at school.  Little Miss is the same and has been happy twirling in her new dresses.

And finally

I have my MRI scan tomorrow and then all the investigations into my falls will be over, I’m hopeful the falls were simply a symptom of my migraines.  Then it will be time for a weekend away in Devon with my in laws.  Fingers crossed this gorgeous weather continues.