Little Sparkles

So the first week of our Easter holiday is over but we certainly crammed lots into it.  Easter weekend was different to what we had hoped for with Grandad being our guest. Storm Katie was pretty ferocious all over the weekend and caused lots of humour by sharing its name with my mum, who is known for a fiery temper, although much subdued with age. Much of the weekend was spent indoors because of the weather and illness, as Little Man was suffering with a really bad cough and cold which can trigger some quite serious chest infections with his asthma. He was so poorly on Saturday night that we ended up in our local hospital having him checked out and then spent a night sleeping lightly and listening for his coughing and breathing, I find these nights frightening.  Unsurprisingly given the circumstances and the lost hour thanks to BST I forgot to be the Easter bunny and had to run down and quickly put the eggs on the breakfast table, whilst Mr S distracted the children, fortunately no one was the wiser.  After our weekend at home, Mr S went away to work and the children and I went to Somerset to visit my parents, all being reunited tonight, Friday.

Sparkle 1 : The Easter Egg Hunt


Little Man was still poorly on Easter Sunday and promptly fell asleep as soon as we all sat down for Sunday lunch which I had carefully prepared and themed.  We took him upto bed and after a sleep he was keen to do our Easter egg hunt. I prepare a hunt every year with a list of things to find, this makes it not just about the chocolate and also develops the hunt into quite an event.  This year I added a matching challenge, words and pictures on eggs.  The children love the race and challenge and even though he didn’t want to eat the chocolate Little Man loved trying to beat his sister to finding all the clues.  I do love drawing the clue sheet and hiding the props it’s a special little family treat.

Sparkle 2 : Desert Island Discs

I enjoy listening weekly to my DID podcast and this week was an exceptional castaway,  businessman John Timpson of Timpson shoes.  I knew about his work with fostered and adopted children but did not realise the full extent of his personal commitment, fostering seventy children and adopting two.  His business style was inspiring and the company’s work to give prisoners a job on release another noble cause.  However it was his passion for life which just shone through and the love for his wife, a very special man.

Sparkle 3 : Fashion in 1oo Objects


Whilst away at my mum and dad’s I took up their kind offer of a day to myself and visited Bath. I had read about the new exhibition at the Fashion Museum, the history of fashion in 100 objects and was keen to see it. I really enjoyed the exhibition, whilst I admired the intricate embroidery and materials of the early fashions from the 17th century it was the 20th century exhibits which impressed me the most.  My personal highlight was a Dior New Look suit, classic and so stylish and it seemed the 50s reflected my style the most.

After a morning of being inspired and wowed by fashion I then popped to the shops and the clothes were so insipid and dull in comparison.  I need to develop my sewing skills so I can create the clothes I want to wear.

Sparkle 4 : New nail varnishes


Whilst I didn’t buy any new clothes I did choose two new nail varnishes.  I like pastel colours as my nails are kept fairly short and pastels suit this style.  I have the green on my fingers and toe nails  and they look lovely.

Sparkle 5 : Books

One of my treats this week was to go and browse in a bookshop, I could spend hours in a bookshop although I have noticed that with the advent of Amazon and Kindles that there are fewer books and variety in bookshops.  However I still managed to while away my time happily and came out with books for everyone!  I then started one, Black Eyed Susans which I had the guilty pleasure of reading in one sitting which went on to the early hours of the morning.

Sparkle 6 : The calm after the storm


This is not a metaphor for some deep and serious issue in my life it’s simply the relief at the end of what has seemed like weeks of storms and the dawning of British Summer time, light evenings and sunnier weather.  Spring has sprung and I’m a happier little bunny, Summer is my favourite time of year and it seems that this week we are getting closer to those hazy, lazy days of summer.

Sparkle 7 : The First of a Million Kisses by Fairground Attraction


I’m not sure what triggered this sparkle this week, possibly being at my parents home and surrounded by memories of my childhood but I started to think of this CD and downloaded it onto my iTunes account.  I loved this CD and played it to death as a teenager and was so pleased that it had the same positive feel many years later, a beautiful CD with amazing tracks.

And finally

I like that the Easter holiday is such a long and relaxed break, Mr S has a few days off next week and on his work days will be working at home so lots of family time together.  It’s easier if we give Mr S peace at home when he’s working so that’s 3 days out to plan a few surprises.