Easter Decorations 2016

Easter for me is a much loved celebration.  Growing up it was a very special long weekend often shared with our extended family, so lots of cousins and fun.  I find Easter to be a spiritual time and I hope that my celebration of Easter always recognises this.  This weekend’s light box message is He Is Risen and in the Easter egg hunt, the children had to find a stone with a cross, representing the cross Jesus died on and the stone which was pushed away from his tomb. The children have lots of chocolate and treats but the true message of Easter is present.

As a child, we always decorated our home for Easter with fresh flowers and little hanging ornaments on an Easter tree normally made of pussy willow.  I love to decorate our house for Easter, full of colour and fresh flowers and this year I have displays in our kitchen, the true heart of our home and the living room.

The kitchen

imageIn our kitchen we have two beautiful large windows which take up most of the back wall making it a light and airy room.  By our kitchen table we have this smaller window which looks out to the front and is perfect for displays.  I’ve gone for a chick theme here, I love a theme and I think this is my favourite display this year.  The little chick lights were from Poundland and the crochet chicks are from Cath Kidston, my favourite addition to our decorations this year, found in the CK Summer sale last year.  The hanging hatching eggs are from a local shop, we may not have the shops where I can buy life’s essentials but it’s quite easy to pick up knick knacks in our seaside town.  The tree is perfect for all the delicate small decorations, I think these rabbits are probably Grisela Graham and the knitted chicks were made by my Mum.  The daffodils have bloomed brilliantly for today, Easter Sunday.  It’s a fun, bright window.

The Living Room

The fire place is such a lovely focal interest in the room and the simple decorations here I hope add a touch of elegance. It was the perfect backdrop for the Easter hunt photos.


As the living room is open plan the side window lends itself for a display too. I love the simplicity of the pussy willow tree and tulips, it wouldn’t be a display of mine without a little bunting!  Sadly there have been few blue skies over the weekend to beautifully fill the frame!

We also have another Easter tree here, my driftwood tree which gets recycled for Christmas too, I’m loving the Easter bunny egg decorations, simple and pretty.