Month in a Word, overwhelmed.

I’m trying to avoid alliteration in this category which is a challenge as I love a little double letter word play in my writing. There could have been a few options too this month, March madness, manic March etc.. It’s been a very busy month and the word I’ve decided to use to describe this month is overwhelming.   I am a positive, proactive person and nothing gives me pleasure than ticking off my to do lists but even the ultra organised and efficient me has found this month difficult, so much happened.  It was just a perfect storm of events, work was busy, Mr S was working away, there were special events for the children in addition to the normal clubs, parents evenings, annual reviews, hospital appointments, an early Easter, a poorly Little Man, a visit to my parents, my list was endless . Fortunately I recognise it was an exceptional month and am happy that it is over and everything achieved.  I’m looking forward to quieter and calmer months to follow this year.