Little Sparkles 5/2016

This week has been quiet and we just seem to be treading through the days, spring must be coming soon, please. Here are the sparkles for the week…

Sparkle 1 : The Lightbox Week 5


The light box comment was simple this week, with half term, pancake day and Chinese new year there is lots of fun to be had this month. I had planned on ‘Fun, frolicking February’ but didn’t have enough Fs! I am due a new order of letters and symbols this week, I love my lightbox in the kitchen injecting some light and fun!

Sparkle 2 : My new crush..


I have to admit to having a new crush, but I think it’s more a teacher infatuation as I am besotted with the astronaut Tim Peake. In my lessons we’ve been following his work at the Space Station and this week we got to watch the live link up, in the cosmic classroom project which was available to all schools. In a twenty minute session, he answered children’s questions about life in space. His broadcast was amazing and anyone I’ve spoken to who has watched it can’t stop praising and enthusing about the transmission, he was so entertaining and made space and learning so much fun for children and adults alike. I’ve watched it and Little Man and his class watched it too, his TA reported back that he sat completely mesmerised by the broadcast. He spoke so much about it at home, space ping pong, drinking bubbles etc.. I really love the education work Tim Peake is doing, he has been such a positive force for encouraging children and adults to get excited about space and want to learn more.

Sparkle 3 : Me Time at our local spa

This week I treated myself to an Indian Head Massage, for completing my detox. Of all the treatments this is my favourite, I think I get lots of stress and knots in my shoulders and the head massage helps to relieve some of the symptoms of my migraines. It was an extremely relaxing session and made me resolve to do a little treat like this more often.

Sparkle 4 : Deliciously Ella baking

FullSizeRender - Copy

I am still really focused on clean eating and following the guidelines remarkably well. Hard as it was, I never even succumbed to a crumb of the gingerbread cakes we made on Wednesday. However to satisfy my sweet tooth, I tried a Deliciously Ella recipe this week, baked orange and fruit bars which although are made of simply nuts and dried fruit are a gorgeous treat.

Sparkle 5 : Ballerina Necklace


I finally got round to choosing and ordering Little Miss’ ballet exam present and her new necklace arrived this week. Its lovely, just what I was looking for and the purple pearl matches her ballet uniform.

Sparkle 6 : Neighbours


Finally for this week, a special sparkle must go out to our neighbours who are so kind and thoughtful. Whilst Mr S is away one of my neighbours pops in to look after Little Man so I can pick up Little Miss from Brownies and he can go to bed at his normal time rather than having to come with me too. Normally it’s the same neighbour but as she was away this week another came instead, I’m so lucky to have neighbours to call on. I also received a phone call from the neighbours behind who phoned to apologise for the mess their new garden is causing with the dust from the stone cutting and offering to pay for our windows to be cleaned. We assured them that this was not necessary but it was a very kind and thoughtful gesture. A total contrast to their next door neighbours, a second home couple from London whose extension caused so much noise, inconvenience and who ignored planning permissions etc.. and never once apologised for the disruption. Such behaviour is quite typical of second home owners and does make them rather unpopular, they don’t seem to understand that you need to respect and become part of your community.

And finally ..

I’m looking forward to next week, its Chinese New Year and pancake day and early starts to half term for all of us, me from Wednesday lunchtime and the children from Thursday afternoon.  It’s time to make the final half term plans, including a visit to Grandma and Granfer’s with some special trips.