Wahey, its Wednesday!


This term has seen a change in our routine and I have a new highlight of the week, Wednesday. Whilst I work on a Wednesday morning, I am doing a little project at work on Wednesdays away from the classroom. It’s become my morning for being creative and trying new ideas and whilst I am someone who genuinely does enjoy their job this is really adding to my job satisfaction. Consequently I tend to leave work at lunchtime pretty excited and after a few necessary daily chores and prepping up a slow cooked tea I can do the school pick up and then spend some really nice time with Little Miss and Little Man with no distraction.  As Little Miss has moved up in ballet it’s now the one night when we have no clubs or activities and as I’m off on Thursdays too Wednesday has developed its own special feeling.

This term we seem to have developed a little routine, walking home to a kitchen set up for some baking. Today it was gingerbread cakes, last week lemon drizzle, I love a little midweek treat and the sweet baking smell just warms up the house. In between baking and decorating we play a little Wii U and then after tea the children decorate and taste their cakes as pudding. It’s a tea when we spend longer than normal around the dinner table and it’s just lovely to talk. After tea, we do a bath which is another treat as often we only have time for a quick shower and then its story time and a relaxed bedtime. I don’t do homework on Wednesdays I want to have fun with my littlies.  I love the quality time on Wednesdays and our current routine is perfect for the winter, I’m hoping that in the summer we’ll be able to go straight to the beach from school for sandcastles, paddling and picnics. I love our hump day!