Simple Pleasures …


This is me on a Thursday morning, it’s my time and something I cherish. I rarely have time on my own and often it’s the time I use to have a run. But I love having a list of things to do and organise and today I have that opportunity to do it. It’s a bright, autumnal morning outside and I feel invigorated by the school run, normally it’s a walk but the children have earnt a wheelie reward in golden time today so they rode on their scooters as I power walked / skipped / jogged along balancing school bags too! After the drop off I got to catch up with a few friends and met one’s gorgeous new born baby, scrumptious beyond words. When your day starts like that it can only be a good day.

I am now settled for my admin, I caught the last few songs of the local radio station’s golden hour and guessed correctly and now it’s time for Women’s Hour, I often catch up later so it’s nice to hear it live! I am definitely more a radio girl than daytime tv. My washing is in the machine and I have nice jobs today, the Autumn chill has triggered the necessity to buy some new Autumn clothes for the children and I need a few bits for me so it’s time for a bit of online shopping as I can’t get to ‘big town’ for a few weeks. I also need to order a few birthday cards and then go through this year’s photos to find a nice photo to send to the children’s birth family as its Letterbox contact time again. I am also planning on making a few plans for the coming months, there is a very special big birthday in our family, my Dad’s retirement and Christmas and I want to get as organised as possible. It’s me who adds the special touches to events, so I need to try and wow with some little sparkles.

So the necessities for my morning

  1. My diary and pen
  2. My notebook, full of mind maps of different events
  3. Next and Boden catalogues
  4. Toast and tea!
  5. My Notebook, easy links to Pinterest, WordPress and my current favourite, Inside Out Thought bubbles game.  All which will happily distract me from my list today!

This for me is precious time and being organised and prepared makes me happy, my Thursday morning is one of simple pleasures.


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